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"Jeevan ke safar mein rahi,milte hain bichhar jaane ko..... Our de jaat hai yaadein,tanhai mein tarpaane ko" When we listened to this song for the first time,what attracted our attention ? The romanticism of Dev Saab or the drive with his film's girl friend,Nalini Jayant or is it the wordings of the song ? As I sit today in the terrace of my Dubai home,overlookin... Learn More


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After crossing several rounds of RT-PCRs and resulta showing "negative",we landed at Dubai Airport. There was Emirates limo waiting for us to drive down to Marriott Marques. 5 days later I shifted to Marriott Harbour Hotel by choice,as nature always attracts me. Here with a sea facing 27th.floor 2 bed room suite,I kept gazing at the unending sky and the unending expan... Learn More

Kolkata Aachhe Kolkata tei………….

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Yes,so much happenned in this period from August. 3rd.September,going to India,was only one activity.All went well,during our travel.With half a dozen RT-PCR tests,all along the way,chances of going wrong was remote.Our team at Kolkata,did a fantastic job,to minimise our frustrations at the Airport,though we knew it was a necessary evil. Kolkata was the same.... Learn More

Is this the REAL me ?

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This time when I visited Kolkata from Dubai,my mind was open.Did not think and plan the future.What planning do you do at this age and time ?My entire family was here in kolkata,all staying in Oberoi,and I thought,we will figure out everything.As we started meeting our Consultants in structuring our business growth globally,the pendulum started swinging. There were a ... Learn More

Better weather brings in happy Sunday lunches………….

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When I came into Dubai last year,2020, in September,I never thought,my stay in Dubai,would be this long. Today evening,as I go back to India for a month long trip,as currently planned,I am getting a funny feeling.Its no longer the question of returning to India only,it is now also a question of returning back to Dubai,my status,my longer term plans of living,etc.etc... Learn More

Covid,Delta and Travel………….

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There is an uneasy calm in the Covid environment in India.Delta variant is very active in most part of the world. India is no exception.We are going through huge political exchanges in our Indian political environment these days.Dubai is getting ready for Expo2020 from October'21,and thus how that would be managed in Dubai,is a regular coffee table discussion.Amidst ... Learn More

Is Dubai your base location?

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For the last 11 months, we have been living in Dubai. We came here to spend leisure time on my son Romit’s request and have been postponing going back to Kolkata, for one reason or the other with Covid 19 being the major concern. Disruptive flights are a major concern too, first for going, then for returning. In the process, we started looking at Dubai more closely ... Learn More