Looking forward to new & exciting areas in 2023

January 2, 2023 Published by Leave your thoughts

We said Good Bye to 2022 in a most appropriate way.There was a Terrace Party at our home in Dubai and what a view from our 72nd floor dupleix apartment,over looking the city of Dubai,fully lit .At the stroke of mid night Dubai celebrated the arrival of 2023,with Firecrackers and Lights,which was for the entire world to see.Beautiful.

With this,we said Good Bye to 2022,and all what with came with it.Carried forward the learnings,good thoughts,experiences and the happiness that came along with it,into the open unknown,inviting life of 2023.Is there a New Year resolution I have.Sure,I do.I think because of a few health related things bothering my mind for the last 4 years,predominantly being the Femur bone fracture I had on November,2018,I have been a bit circumspect. But I do promise to make 2023 a year of  “further discovery” for me . India first,then the World,thru travel. So, as I sit on my laptop on 2nd January’23,I start planning to begin with my India travel. Before that,I wish to see Arijit Singh’s live concert in the CocoCola Arena inDubai on the 20th January. The places ear marked by me for my first leg of travel for 2023 are :                           -Kolkata, Delhi,Chandigarh, New Chandigarh(Sukhvilas) ,Ranthambore(Vanyavilas) etc.we should be back in Dubai by end of February.The next phase,I have to keep it in Central Asia,etc. I do have Cairo on my Radar,where in a beautiful Oberoi Hotel is there.Yes,that I want to finish before the rains. The 3rd trip is still not decided,but it has to be on a cooler location,as it will happen around August-September. Europe is likely.

So,as you can see,health permitting,I want to spend some decent time travelling on 2023.

Lets see the world.


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