Always keep your feet, on the ground, firmly ……..

October 7, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

It’s been little over a year, that I came over to Dubai. Initially, I came to spend some time with my son Romit and his family and our very own Mishka. Then, Romit’s twin brother Rahul, came over, started working from here. Having spent a lot of time in USA, they were quite comfortable in remote working and ran their companies with full responsibility and authority, almost entirely from Dubai. This had an impact on me, and I was getting restless as I did not have very serious engagement, after handing over the businesses to my sons. In Kolkata, I had Kalyani Foundation,
Calcutta Broadway, BDG Angels for my transition into being a Philanthropic and an Angel Investor.
Suddenly, thanks to Rahul, an opportunity came and sat in our lap in Dubai. So, ATELIER M happened. We took over the 22,000 square feet Luxury Restaurant and from nowhere, we had an address in Dubai. Rahul and Romit also got involved into Marketing and Finance respectively of the Luxury Restaurant and we were engaged. From then, till now, life has moved in a steady but different way in UAE. Much less disturbance, no one knows me here, you are free to do what you want to, much less Covid, very focused administration and decent investment opportunities. So, with Atelier investment, we started moving into Dubai, all 3 of us, and now, each one of us have our own Portfolios. The product has changed from Services to Capital and Investments and Financial instruments have become the order. This is likely to continue, as our parent business has got stabilized and is governed through a stable Leadership. I have recently concluded one more LifeStyle business for investment.
This is a huge change of governance from what we did in India. The transition of the family into a global business in multiple domains and in decent size is something we are coming to terms with. They are new to us. We are hugely conscious of what we are doing. But the important thing is we are transitioning into this new life, in a normal way and not in an abnormal way, which many do. That part is very interesting. Normally the investments we are doing are fully compliant as per the laws of the land, but in a space which is at a completely different level. This is what perhaps singularly marks us, from other business houses and as the one who started it all, I am very proud of it. Honesty of purpose has played a very major role in this. It is possible to be a global multinational and take the journey of life with all the affluence, yet be totally compliant with the laws of the land and keep your feet firmly on the ground. It is possible.
As a family we are hugely transparent and father and son discussions, which we have here, is almost unimaginable with the kind of openness, candor and transparency, very serious areas are discussed, which brings in finally a huge clarity and thereby peace going forward.
It’s been a satisfying journey so far. We will continue to keep our feet on the ground firmly.

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