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The definition of a family has undergone a change in the modern world. Some group of people are still bonded together and call themselves FAMILY the old way, but over years, this has taken a different meaning. In fact, it is continuously changing in meaning. On top of this, if the Family happens to be in business, in these transition times, then all the more it is difficult to adjust to the new concept of a Family life.
We are in transition times. Our generation has till now seen so many social, technological, humanitarian changes along with natural disasters and calamities, including this Pandemic, that the generation of ours are called upon to adjust, adopt and implement a new form on an ongoing basis. Most importantly, a Business Family confronts more adoption needs, as the Family becomes more transparent between the Father and the Son/Daughter, as they embark into a single Family with business in mind. I am a bit scared to call it a Family Business, in these changing times, as we might start asking more questions, with answers unknown.

Exposure is a good thing. It leads you to be more open with each other. Open-ness leads you to be more consistent with what you say or do and if you are the Head of the Family, everything you say is at times taken as done. So, the difference between Aspiration, Hope, Vision are all transformed into an activity of doing or not doing and of fulfilling your mission in life. This is a tough call. As we transition from one generation to the other, the discrete disconnect between generations needs to be scientifically looked at and woven, but then in the process of doing that several aspirational processes will get questioned, which seemingly has not been met during the course of your life. IT IS A DIFFICULT TRANSITION. But I guess, every generation must have faced this, though the level of exposure and open-ness between one generation and the next was far more opaque earlier and certain amount of acceptance came in, purely as a lack of information about the other.
Today it is not so. It is open. Technology makes your aspirations reach far and beyond and automatically at times converts to an action plan. So, non fulfilment of those aspiring thoughts remains as an unfulfilled promise to the new generation. When the next time an ASPIRATIONAL statement is made by us, it remains in the mind with a pinch of salt.
This is what I call as the GAP. All VISION may or may not be converted to a MISSION. But is received as one. Let’s ponder.

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