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End Game

September 4, 2022 6:57 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Winding up your responsibilities and commitments in life,is a very sensitive and completely independent journey. You start dealing with the personal lives of very close people and not so close people,and any mistake or inadvertant act of yours,and jumped upon.”You can do no mistake”,is the norm.It is also a phase,where you are slated to do multiple things,all of which are nerve wrecking and demand focused brain time from you. In this situation, you are prone to miss out and also commit some errors,which you will not be allowed to do.Hence the criticality of winding needs to be understood clearly.In my... View Article

The Race is the Reward

August 19, 2022 2:43 am Published by Leave your thoughts

On the 6th November 2022,Globsyn will complete 25 years of its journey.WOW!!! How many times in these 25 years I have slept with my pillow on my face and said “This is it !” There is no way that I can take it further.Next day,has been another day,Some message,some telephone call,some idea hit my brain,or,my wife,Ranjana’s brain and we survived to live another day.Then there was also the glorius period.The Infinity launch,the Skills business,our Philanthropy,and finally the IBM deal to set up,South Asia’s first IBM Centre of Software Excellence.The black Mercedes(I did not have then,I was driving a Maruti 1000) ... View Article

Bridge the Gap in Society : Start where others end !!

July 9, 2022 8:20 am Published by Leave your thoughts

To build a , company,a big one at that,over 25 years,from a green field you go thru,each and every aspect of business and corporate growth,if you keep pegging yourself at it,inspite of several disappointments along the way. My story is similar.I have had plenty of shocks,ups and downs,successes,huge failures,and all along the way,I was always convinced that my product and services,will make a difference to my clients and society at large once it stat reaching them in adwquate numbers.So,keep pegging.There were numner of days in my life,when I felt that it will remain unfulfilled.Might as well give up.There were also... View Article


June 21, 2022 4:15 am Published by Leave your thoughts

One major issue confronts me these days and I want to leave that thought in the mind of my readers.That is,how many of us plan our retirement or non business years in advance ? Maybe,many do,but I most certainly didn’t.Not only that,my life was moving at such a brisk pace,with a lot of everything,that it seemed,I will never retire.But then something had to happen,which was not planned,AN ACCIDENT !!! I fell down,as I was checking out of my Hotel in New Jersy to come back to  India, on 31st.October,2018,and I fell badly.Once I  did, I realised that this is going... View Article

When you “give”, someone is “getting”……………….

June 11, 2022 3:52 am Published by Leave your thoughts

In our journey of life,the first part which we call as “growth” is later translated into “achieving”,”getting”,”doing”etc.transcends into “giving”.You dont even know when it has happenned.You feel the pull of “giving” within you.This transition is almost synchronous.But dont forget,what we are calling as “getting” is also very powerful,also consuming a huge amount of energy and positivity at the time,when you are in that journey. So,its important. I have realised,as I have walked thru my life,every part of our life is full of learning,and highly valuable. What changes one from the other,is the “residual” value. Do you remember some of your... View Article

Your own eternal travel path……..

June 7, 2022 1:36 am Published by Leave your thoughts

I am still struggling to come to terms with my age, corporate work, social edifice, projects and relaxing life. I have not yet found a proper mix or balance. The major reason for this situation of mine is that I have not planned my “senior citizen life”. It is still part of everything. Whenever there is an issue on the corporate part of that life, I get upset, as it is not what it used to be. In my own eyes, I have walked away from my core business, core people and moved on. But the culture created by me,... View Article

Tolerance in Ambiguity !!

June 6, 2022 1:13 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Last 10 days has been very horrifying for me. An innocuous routine blood test gave rise to some abnormality in the test results, showed huge high results and we were all very concerned. The reason was unknown, but if proven, the consequences were severe to say the least. It was also a process to go through, before the test can be conducted again. So, those six days of antibiotic medication without knowing the outcome was treacherous. The antibiotic was to take away the infection in the system, if any, thus minimising the risk of an error of judgement in the diagnostic... View Article