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Looking forward to new & exciting areas in 2023

January 2, 2023 7:48 am Published by Leave your thoughts

We said Good Bye to 2022 in a most appropriate way.There was a Terrace Party at our home in Dubai and what a view from our 72nd floor dupleix apartment,over looking the city of Dubai,fully lit .At the stroke of mid night Dubai celebrated the arrival of 2023,with Firecrackers and Lights,which was for the entire world to see.Beautiful. With this,we said Good Bye to 2022,and all what with came with it.Carried forward the learnings,good thoughts,experiences and the happiness that came along with it,into the open unknown,inviting life of 2023.Is there a New Year resolution I have.Sure,I do.I think because of... View Article


November 8, 2022 4:59 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Technically, on 6th November 2022, Globsyn and BDG completed 25 years of their journey in Kolkata. Started as a small fledgling company, it has grown from strength to strength, because of its multi-faceted people, assisted by some astute leadership, it has grown many levels to reach where they are today. It is immensely satisfying to see Globsyn today, run by the second- generation Dasgupta family members. The first generation or the Founders have a more satisfying and pleasing role for themselves in the form of Philanthropy and Investments, taking the Group collectively along a long way. God bless GLOBSYN !!!

Balancing your MIND and BODY !

October 8, 2022 3:20 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

Most of our decisions, actions, movements, directions are controlled by our Central Nervous System. They definitely direct the functions of the mechanical parts through the mind. Thus mind assumes importance. The pace at which mind acts is different from the pace of the body. When we are young, definitely till we are around 60 years of age, the mind-body coordination works beautifully and thus control and direct our actions. Slowly, with progressive age, the body doesn’t function at the same efficiency as the mind and at times the CNS or the Central Nervous System signals reach late for the body... View Article

There is more to Life………………

September 27, 2022 12:48 pm Published by Leave your thoughts

When you start getting older, it becomes difficult for you to accept that your concentration, focus, attention to details, memory — all are reducing by the day. You still want to believe that you are the same person, as you were 20 years back and try and conduct yourself in the same way. God forbid, if you happen to make a blunder, like I did, then you face a highly embarrasing, humiliating experience in your life and open yourself to misunderstandings among very close people. MISUNDERSTANDING does hurt. Coming from near and dear ones, it hurts more. But you were... View Article

End Game

September 4, 2022 6:57 am Published by Leave your thoughts

Winding up your responsibilities and commitments in life is a very sensitive and completely independent journey. You start dealing with the personal lives of very close people and not so close people and any mistake or inadvertent act of yours can be criticized. ‘You can do no mistake’ — that’s the norm. It is also a phase where you are slated to do multiple things, all of which are nerve wrecking and demand focused brain time from you. In this situation, you are prone to miss out and commit some errors, which you will not be allowed to do. Hence... View Article

The Race is the Reward

August 19, 2022 2:43 am Published by Leave your thoughts

On 6th November 2022, Globsyn will complete 25 years of its journey. WOW!!! How many times in these 25 years, have I slept with my pillow on my face and said: “This is it! There is no way that I can take it further.” Next day has been another day. Some message, some telephone call, some idea hit my brain or my wife, Ranjana’s brain and we survived to live another day. Then there was also the glorious period. The Infinity launch, the Skills business, our Philanthropy and finally the IBM deal to set up South Asia’s first IBM Centre... View Article

Bridge the Gap in Society : Start where others end !!

July 9, 2022 8:20 am Published by Leave your thoughts

To build a company, and that too a big one over 25 years, from a green field you go through each and every aspect of business and corporate growth, if you keep pegging yourself at it, despite several disappointments along the way. My story is similar. I have had plenty of shocks, ups and downs, successes, huge failures and all along the way, I was always convinced that my product and services will make a difference to my clients and society at large once it starts reaching them in adequate numbers. So, keep pegging. There were number of days in... View Article