Balancing your MIND and BODY !

October 8, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Most of our decisions,actions,movements,directions are controlled by our Central Nervous System.They definitely direct the functions of the mechanical parts thru the mind.Thus mind assumes importance.The pace at which mind acts is different from the pace of the mind.When we are young,definitely till we are around 60 years of age,the mind-body coordination works beautifully,and thus control and direct our actions. Slowly,with progressive age,the body doesnt function at the same efficiency as the mind,and at times the CNS or the Central Nervous System signals reaches late for the body to act.The body awaits instructions from CNS,to act. The gap ,if any ,creates all kinds of the problems.So, you need to slow down the brain to receive signals from the brain to the body and act. Its like the light and sound issues.Light travels much faster than the sound. That is why,we hear the sound a bit later from the lightening.

So,there are multiple transitions which are happening in our active,agile intelligent human mind & body They are mostly classified as :  Fast&Active phase ,Transitional phase, Re-caliberating phase and Finally,the Balancing phase. These are fine lines,and unless you recognise them separately,your acceptance of moving from one phase to the other will be difficult,till you are rejected by the society,including your near and dear ones. So,we will do well to acknowledge,accept and deal with it,step by step,of acceptance.

Each of these phases are unique,and with independent characteristics of one another.So, the deciphering is key.That will make you accept and enjoy,each phase of your life.

So, next time,you are asked this question,”which phase of life are you in ? I am sure ,you can answer it with a smile and  acknowledge the relevant phase of your life.

Keep smiling !!!!



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