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July 20, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts launched…

Today,July20,2020, is an all important day in the lives of my close team, Saheli,Sharon, Dhananjay,Prasanta,Shabbir,Arunava,Tania,who have worked diligently, long hours,with a total dedication and focus,to bring about 37 years of my work life, digitally to my audience: corporates, students, IT Professionals, young aspiring youth,qualified,capable midlevel Managers,young entrepreneurs,start-ups,to see and read again and again,my stories,my blogs,my journey, my failures,and along with a few milestones I have been able to create along the way. I salute them for their tireless efforts and hope,that everyone gets to see,read,learn,unlearn,study,plan their own life’s journey better.If this,even nominally helps the young mind to fly and conquer, my life would be worth living.All my life,some has seen,how much time,I had spent on the youngsters on their journey in life to guide them.Now onwards, maybe they will get most of it in this web site.

I have many more “my stories” to write,lots of “BDG Blogs” to come,and many events.Thru them,I will try and live in the minds of those youngsters who were my inspiration to keep working harder and harder.

From now on will be the engine with which you can be in touch with me always.I will be starting a BDG Clinic soon,wherein I will discuss with you, your development or growth issues on an ongoing basis. Keep interacting.

A big Thank you to all !!!

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