Bikram Dasgupta had sown the seeds of IT revolution in India

Long before anyone had even dreamt of it. With the creation of the concept of Intelligent Buildings, he had defined way back in 1996, that ‘Offshore’ Software development wasthe future. He set up the first fully automated SMT or Surface Mount Technology plant of India at Okhla, that produced 10,000 motherboards for Dell. The $50m 100% export order for Computer Mother boards for DELL Computers, was the first of its kind in India. He had conceived, developed, delivered single handedly the entire set up of the Dell Factory. For BDG always had been a man of vision and could think of emerging and future trends of the IT Industry much in advance.

About Globsyn

Founder – Bikram Dasgupta

Bikram Dasgupta started Globsyn with a vision to make a difference for the youth in the IT Industry and show them the way forward. By then he had been the co-Founder of PCL, that went on to become one of the largest PC companies of India, competing with HCL and WIPRO. BDG took PCL to the public investors and it was over subscribed 48 times! It had 44 Offices, 1600+ employees in 1984 and a Factory in Noida. Armed with this experience of running PCL, BDG started thinking of setting up a Company with a difference. Thus, Globsyn was born on principles of building Institution and Infrastructure (I&I model). Globsyn Finishing School, Globsyn Business School Infinity and Globsyn Crystals ensured youngsters from colleges would get into GFS or GBS, for their training and work in a Company housedat Infinity. BDG’s baby Globsyn is today a successful international giant.