Being a Dad & Boss together

October 27, 2014 Published by Leave your thoughts

Ever since my sons, joined my business, its been over 10 years now,I have been confronting this phenomena of being Boss and Dad, to my sons, Rahul and Romit. Its been one of the toughest roles to play in my life, though it has also been a very proud feeling. I have no idea how others have done, but I must confess that, the Dad part of me, took a beating several times. Running a professional Organisation, like an open book, which I have myself professed so candidly to my people, and doing that with my sons around and my wife as a Director of the Firm, is not easy to say the least. Not so for me, at least.

There were situations, where I am sure, my sons, misunderstood me,that, why did I take a particular decision, which perhaps in someway, underscored their position in the Organisation,and I for one, felt,that my sons have to play that role, within the Group. Being biased towards your sons in business or being equal professionally is a very debatable issue.I have experienced both.There are strong merits in both. It is perhaps advisable to do, what your “conscience” tells you to do,rather than being “logical” always.

Business teaches you many things. One of those is, that in life, both can be right.In life, there need not be a right or a wrong answer all the time. Being “grey” is not a static phenomena, but at stages the progression towards either directions,could be slow. It can emerge. Two minutes decision can be life changing at times, but more often than not, they last two minutes, as well. So, one needs to be patient.Patience is so critical in managing things and if your intentions, motives are pure and focused, results will show.

In the end, we all come back to “intention”. Such a powerful word. Mind travels very fast, diverse, and conquers most of the stuff. Slowing down the process at times yield better results.

Today, as I sit down in my terrace on a Monday morning, lazily,writing this note, I can visualise my sons, at work, into their daily chores, figuring out for themselves and for our Organisation the future growth trajectory, for our businesses in the Group.

That to me is satisfying.

Is it a job well done? Not yet.Only time will tell.

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