Better weather brings in happy Sunday lunches………….

August 10, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

When I came to Dubai in September 2020, I never thought my stay in Dubai would be this long. Today evening, as I go back to India for a month-long trip, I am having a funny feeling. It’s no longer the question of returning to India, it is now also a question of returning to Dubai, my status, my long-term plans of living etc. In the interim, Covid-19 came, went, came back again as 2nd wave and threatening to return as 3rd wave. Vaccinations arrived, political maneuvering kept happening, and finally perhaps people are getting used to this ‘ongoing’ phenomena called COVID, and trying to create antibody cells through herd vaccinations, stronger immunity and wearing masks, maintaining social distance and sanitizing.

The world slowly opens up, while on one end the Delta variant creates havoc in USA, its Cricket season in UK, and recently concluded Tokyo Olympics, happened. So, its global mix of redefining normalcy. There is an aura of “this is the best that we can get” around us, and people try to engage themselves albeit gradually, again. We are going back to India with our RT-PCR negative report, Vaccination Card, ready to board the aircraft and prepared to follow similar processes as we land in India. But the peace we had in Dubai is not forgotten. It will keep pulling us back again and again.

There is so much to do in India. My work, my infrastructure, my company and the people, who are all anxiously looking forward to our arrival in India, and the directions we will give them in business, in social life and infrastructure management, which post-Covid, has taken a serious turn and future actions have to be decided accordingly. Interesting days are ahead of me. Not to speak of meeting some old friends, family etc. A change from the quiet regimented life at Dubai, with complete control. Once travel starts to happen and people are comfortable with it, then the society will balance itself into an orderly behaviour. Though, I have my doubts, whether it can ever become “business as usual” for us.

We are going to stay in Oberoi, as the transition is far smoother there, and the Belvedere, gives us the perfect meeting place for business. As the weather cools down, and Sunday lunches become the order of the day, I am sure under the “Covid appropriate behaviour” syndrome, that will be a very popular event this winter, as shops and establishments have to close down earlier than the good old days.
A new order is unfolding. We are welcoming it with a “two-country” mechanism and will try and see how it evolves for all of us.

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