October 31, 2016 Published by Leave your thoughts

From October 2016, if you read my Blogs,there has been an effort by me,to take myself, in a particular direction in life. But the kind of stumbling blocks, I have faced in this journey in these last 2 years, I strongly feel there must be a question mark over my honesty of purpose.

As I sit today to write, after yet another huge setback in my life, this time pretty serious one physically questions comeup in my mind again. Is HE giving me more chances,but reminding me of my folly, or, is it, HE telling me to stop the nonsense of such desires.

I clearly have 8 more weeks from today, to recover from my present status,and I ought to visit this aspect of my “sincerety of purpose” bit, very very seriously, maybe once and for all.

I start the process with this over arching thought process in my mind,perhaps for the last time, in my life.

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