Contradictions of the mind,as we grow………..

March 7, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

As a student of Behaviourial Science and its natural development with age and time, I have noticed different people respond to different situations differently. At times, they do realise through their intelligence and wisdom, that their acts make no sense, but the society has kept them shackled for so many years, that to break free from that shackle is an upheaval task. Luckily for me, I have had phenomenal freedom of mind and expression and have continued to remain free from any such bondages like parental, cultural, social. We are being constantly told with a dash of fright that if we break the barriers put in by the society at large, we shall put ourselves into trouble.
Here I am referring to traditional values combined with knowledge, education, intelligence, wisdom and the spirit of freedom to experiment, discover and grow internally. Several kinds of barriers come while we are tempted to pursue growth. So, we withdraw mostly and assume we shall not suffer from guilt within. As intellectual freedom and growth of mind is an intangible element and very personal, it is pretty simple to cover it up, by not pursuing and apparently freeing yourself from the apparent guilt syndrome. What you lose is often not quantifiable and highly intellectual as a stimuli, partly cultural as well. So, it is not difficult to suppress.
The question I am asking today, is why do we do this? Our education encourages and disappoints us, both. Intangibles force us to change and stops us from it. WHY DO THESE CONTRADICTORY THINGS HAPPEN? It is depriving the society from its intellectual growth, most certainly, but you can also turn around and say, ‘I don’t want that kind of growth, which can make my life difficult, make me feel guilt and apparently I can do without it.’
True. But, I am still referring to the intellectual loss we go through because of this. Perhaps a day and time will come in this society, when such thoughts on intellectual progression will become the most sought after research elements in higher education, to begin with and later on, as the norm to be governed by. People like us, won’t be there then, but the ignition which we have started will have more takers, if we can convert our idealistic thoughts to real-life data, which will help researchers to look into this seriously for deeper discussions.
I can tell my readers, that I have immensely benefitted with this growth dimensions, which I went through in my life, where in hills, mountains, cool breeze and clouds, became strong metaphors for me, to make some people understand what I was trying to talk about, as I, as floating clouds, kept crossing the obstacles (mountains), one after the other.

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