Covid,Delta and Travel………….

August 5, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

There is an uneasy calm in the Covid environment in India. Delta variant is very active in most part of the world. India is no exception. We are going through huge political exchanges in our Indian political environment these days. Dubai is getting ready for Expo2020 from October’21 and thus how that would be managed in Dubai, is a regular coffee table discussion. Amidst all these, the UAE Govt has allowed passengers with Residency and Full vaccination to return to UAE. That will open the flood gates, as I understand. It also helps us to think for a quick round trip to India and back, before they close the gates again. Let’s see.

This is going to be our life going forward. There is no certainty about anything. A single location stay and living is perhaps the order of the day. More travel exposes you to more unknown people, thereby increasing the source levels of the infection. Yes, full vaccination and regular antibody tests are decent interventions to know where you stand but might just not be enough.

Living in Dubai, I have realized your life is well organized and controlled. There is adherence to the rules, mostly in areas where we live, making your entertainment options open to be explored once in a while. Dining areas are also open, so, one can go out. You may visit friends and have fun, once in a while. Sense of increasing Covid fear is less these days. But one doesn’t know the future. With the advent of Expo 2020, millions of travellers are expected to come into this huge extravaganza and whether this will become another Kumbh Mela, one really doesn’t know. Perhaps not, with tighter administrative control.

With all these, there is good news as well. With the summer heat slowly receding and monsoon in India cooling things down, better months for Dubai is just round the corner. There again could be happier days, if the 3rd wave and/or Delta variant is out of the way, in a whisker.

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