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Yesterday was the 17th Convocation of our 19-year-old Globsyn Business School, (GBS) that was held completely virtually and globally. India, China, Dubai, being touched at the same time. I was sitting at my home in Dubai watching the event with my family, on my laptop and was thinking of the day, when in 2001-2002, I was deep in financial distress, mainly because of the Y2K syndrome and our software development, our high-end training had no customers in those uncertain times, with huge bank debts compounding on me, having built the Techno Campus with a bank loan. I was thinking deeply: ‘What do I do?’ My dream or aspiration of building the Best Business School of Eastern India in Kolkata, which was slated originally planned to be built a few years later, after I would have established my business in IT and high-end training, kept pushing me. I was overwhelmed, so brought in my B-School early. I needed to have something which could energize the market, develop hope and send a signal to the aspiring world that better days are ahead.
So, I started working all day and night, to structure the B-School and never ever compromised on the values on which I wanted to build it, even in those tough days. My only strength was the Trust and Faith a few people had on me and my words. They encouraged me, day in and day out. I constructed a Governing Council of my well-wishers, who were otherwise Head of large organisations, to advice, to create a Business School with a difference and I meant every word of it.
I mustered enough courage to release the first advertisement in the daily newspapers and hoped against hope that enquiries come in. My payments to the Government for the land and already built-up property was kindly re-structured and I began the interiors of a dilapidated monitor factory, which was lying unused and broken. I got a bridge loan and one after the other, I built my Campus interiors. Then built a small water pond, a wooden bridge, where I dreamt students will sit and brainstorm, huge lawn and flowers beds and talked to all the labourers, gardeners and told them to put in their heart and soul into their work and they did. We did not compromise on quality anywhere.

Though the first batch had 84 students, but since it was a new B-School, there was no market credibility for us for this two-year program, unless the first batch passed and got jobs. So, the second batch had only 44 students. But the third batch had 144 students, as all the first batch students got jobs and we never looked back ever since. It has been 19 years. This is how perhaps entrepreneurs build Knowledge Society. I only needed money to build and a good business model to sell and committed, diligent, focused hard work to excel. This is the way, I built Techno Campus, Infinity, Globsyn Crystals, Globsyn Finishing School, Globsyn Infotech/, Kalyani Foundation over the years. They are all contributing to the Society. Yesterday, when I was watching the virtual convocation from my Dubai home, I was wondering how we institutionalized our creations and the society is benefiting at large. This was a great feeling and a matter of great satisfaction. At the right time, you must make way, for your next generation to take over your creations, if they wish to and move on in life.
That’s what I have done. It’s immensely satisfying.

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