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There are phases of life, when after you have reached a certain edifice, you keep getting this feeling of “now what?” People say, me and my family have done and achieved a lot, then why do I need to search for doing more?

But it has to be clearly and once for all understood that  people like us want to keep purging ourselves, to get into the core of any area of work we want to do. The definition of specific achievements gets blurred, but your focus on doing more, doing better and making a difference to the people around you, is endless. That continues. The pace at which it continues, at times forgets age, physical limitations and even do ability of activities, as you jump into something. Only one thing you do know, that whatever you are going for and pushing yourself into, will make a difference to the society and it will have a greater PUBLIC good.

When you develop and grow, most of your thoughts are structural, deparmental, segmental, in thinking. You want to do well, though you like one or two of those areas, more than the others. Like, Marketing, HR, Finance etc. This phase of your professional life is the longest. Also, this is our active learning phase. Different people take different directions in life from this phase. Some circumstantially, some because of their passion to learn and understand the areas they love and some by sheer growth of enterprise, develop a strong general management appetite to grow themselves into being a leader.

What happens next? This is in itself a phase of life, which, if you wish to be good at, takes a while. Mainly because the faculties with which you have travelled and have known so far could be only 60% of your new enhanced role of overall governance. So, what happens to the other 40%? First, you must have appetite to learn the unknown. Everyone does not have that appetite. Second, you must be a very good listener of people’s specialisation and thoughts and keep your eyes and ears open to receive, analyse, learn, deliberate and then deploy those who will gradually take your place, so that you could move up further. Once you start doing that, you will be able to develop people, who should be able to run your offices, as well or better and you are ready to take your next journey in areas, which are non-operational like Investments, Philanthropy among others. If you notice, we are and we should continuously try to purge ourselves, in self learning vistas, so that we can make way for other competent people in the organisation, as competent, if not more, to take over and create space for your own further growth. Alternately, if you are jaded and tired and unable to generate more energies to address complex issues further, then you can softly and nicely call it a day.

This is life’s professional journey. So,when you hear me talking a lot about  PHILANTHROPY, you should try and understand, the phase of life I am in and I must have done the transition needed to be done well from my operational journey.

This is a very new, exciting, complex, fascinating, matured corporate life status, which needs more deliberations. I will go back and forth in this zone for a while, so that you get proper understanding of your journey in life.





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