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Today is 28th November, a date which tells us that Winter is setting in, or is round the corner. In Dubai, November to March are the best months. So, Funtime, shopping time, exhibition time, events, dining out — all happen in these months. Also, you come to Dubai mostly for these reasons. Residents in Dubai wait for these months. Retail businessmen welcome their customers, restauranteurs have roaring business, families plan for short holidays for which they wait during those gruelling summer months. As we understand numbers given out by the Government for Covid says a fantastic job has been done in getting people vaccinated, including the booster, quick RT-PCR test centres to know your current status and still insisting quite strongly wearing masks and social distancing, two of the most important regulations to follow during Covid. All these and a structured supervision has helped UAE to keep the pandemic under check.

As for India, it is interesting to note that despite Durga Puja, Deepavali etc. COVID numbers are still under control and manageable, with low hospitalization. We keep testing our antibodies, even after the Booster dose to re-assure ourselves of our own safety. When families sit for a discussion these days, the topic invariably hovers around where do we go for a short holiday now? For me, our coming month plans include Dubai, Abu Dhabi, Kolkata, Delhi, Maldives, Fujairah etc. for holidaying. All these places between today and 20th February 22. There is also a psychological feeling, that over the last 18 months or so, we have been mentally severely Covid impacted, hence we seek some relief.

I often wonder these days, what is my core personal skills, what I have shown at work, were they work skills, or internal, natural and personal skills? These core skills I am searching for these days for my engagement. I have always defined a meaningful engagement as something which others call work projects and it becomes serious. So, this time, I am very keen on my selection for engagement and that is why I have started with my core personal skills.

Let me go through this process of thinking and will write about it soon.
Wait for it.



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