End Game

September 4, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

Winding up your responsibilities and commitments in life,is a very sensitive and completely independent journey. You start dealing with the personal lives of very close people and not so close people,and any mistake or inadvertant act of yours,and jumped upon.”You can do no mistake”,is the norm.It is also a phase,where you are slated to do multiple things,all of which are nerve wrecking and demand focused brain time from you. In this situation, you are prone to miss out and also commit some errors,which you will not be allowed to do.Hence the criticality of winding needs to be understood clearly.In my case,since I dont live at the city where my business is,the issues become more critical. Slowing down is one option,but that might lead to losing out,as well. Life is tricky.When you dont have anything,society points out to your lack of success,and when you create,properties,estates,resources,then all the above elements come into play.I am going thru,one such phase in my life,and as the Head of the Family and Enterprise,binoculours are always on me.Each item,demands adequate time,which you may or maynot be able to give.

So,this phase is critical,you have already reached some maturity in experience and age,which is why it is all the more demanding.

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