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After crossing several rounds of RT-PCRs and resulta showing “negative”,we landed at Dubai Airport. There was Emirates limo waiting for us to drive down to Marriott Marques. 5 days later I shifted to Marriott Harbour Hotel by choice,as nature always attracts me. Here with a sea facing 27th.floor 2 bed room suite,I kept gazing at the unending sky and the unending expanse of sea.I was thinking if only our lives had the same un-ending
horizon,it would have been exciting.The small private aircrafts, flying out of the helipads and the para gliders trooping on them,was a delightful sight.
I kept thinking,if I was the only para glider, in the vast sky,and looking aimlessly at the vast expanse,what kind of feeling I would have got.Many times,I have spoken about “living in the sky”but never as a “para-glider”,maybe this could add as a new dimension to my living in the sky.

Started working on settling down quickly in Dubai.Connected the dots as also trying to thread a story into my being here.
Why did I leave the huge comfort zone of kolkata to be here,all by myself,is still hazy within me.The closest I could get on this,was,I wanted to be fresh.New journey begins fresh.So,finance,investment makes a new meaning in my life and understanding them judiciously was in order for sure.Residency was the other subject in play to consider.An Office, a hold co.,staff,licensing,all has to get underway.
I began at right earnest.
Life has to be always lived the way you wish to.I am a firm believer that one must live on one’s own terms,after responding to any specific needs of home,as required.The energy flows, when you do that.Positive energy guides you,to excel in your brain allignments,and finally,you feel good and engaged.

At times though,there is always this thought of being too much with myself.A person like me,buzzing with zeal and intellectual excitement will always have a lot to share.But sharing with anyone or everyone,doesnt generate the passion or energy.So, you must “find” where it does.And,If you find that,then positive energy flow,pushes you to perform and excel,in whatever you do,and whatever you wish to do.
I am hoping that to happen to me.

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