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August 22, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

For the last almost 6 months,many of us are facing this Covid-19 onslaught at different levels.
After the announcements by the Governments ,both Central and State,we were all trying to understand,and fall into a pattern of living with Covid,avoid infections,take necessary precautions,at times ignoring them,mostly because of lack of understanding of the whole situation.
Six months have gone by from those days,and we have seen,read,and gone thru’a lot.Many friends,acquaintances,have caught the virus & recovered and many who have escaped so far.Fatalities are still below 3%.

The question today,I am raising in the minds of all of you is , what did Covid-19 show us? It meant many things to many people,what did it mean to you ? Is there a common thread,which it creates for all of us,across the board,specially to the younger generation ? The answer I feel is “Yes”.I will pick up only one of the many areas,it could have given an opportunity to many of us to practice,do and excel in. That to my mind is SELF DEVELOPMENT. Many of you know,Self Development is a continuous,ongoing process,and it needs to be understood,learnt,and practised,as a part of our ongoing existing life and its commitments.All of us need Self Development,and we have been thru it,lesser or more in our lives already,but,Covid-19,provided us with that space,time & energy to focus on it,and to work on it.

How do you practise Self Development? First, you need to strictly identify where you are in life today ? Then,where you want to be ? you would have noticed,over this period of time,many of your well wishers,would have identified your areas of self development needs.This must have been ideantified to you directly or indirectly several times.You also happen to know,your own developmental needs and your limitations.Put all these together,define a process how to go about it,and then list it out and be ready to start.Take your time to do this.This MUST be done by you,all by yourself,and in a relaxed way.

Many of us are Entrepreneurs, or in corporate business,creative sciences,performing arts,consultancy-advisory,operations,etc.,based on your background and experience your first set of identification will begin.This has to be done by YOU.
There will also be other areas,which you want to develop as you travel in your life,which you have identfied already,but never got time or space to invest in it,list them out as well,but in a separate sheet of paper.

Having done this,now you are ready to implement.Its a wonderful start to this day.Because the identification of your self development needs,is half the battle.Once you cross that,you are now ready to execute your plan. by doing the above,you have also told yourself,that you mean business and you are ready mentally to invest yourself into this journey of SELF DEVELOPMENT.
In my subsequent blogs,I will pick up some of the Major Self Development issues,and discuss them with all of you.Pease write to me at bikram.dasgupta@globsyn.com, for me to know your issues and status and respond.

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