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March 26, 2013 Published by Leave your thoughts

This blog is further to my earlier blog on skills. We ended that blog with the formation of Globsyn Skills. The team got formed and areas of work identified. But the key question was: How do we proliferate this? Do we create our own centers all over the states? How do we manage, so many different skills?

When I was going through this thought process and my hunger and desire to make a difference to many sections of the society as also work with others together to build this, gave me the idea, to explore a new kind of thinking. We needed to put business proposition to the idea and check out whether it makes sense to us. This thought came up while working together with like-minded passionate people to build this edifice.

Entrepreneur Co-Creation was the key word. Co-Creation is a wonderful concept. It releases the pressure of dominance of one over the other. It makes projects highly complementary. Everyone does what they need to do. So, the first struggle was over. I said, we will Co Create, with budding, enterprising entrepreneurs and create a Skilled India together.

What would be the structure between us and these budding entrepreneurs? That was very simple for me. As an entrepreneur myself, I can relate with the pain points an entrepreneur goes through in his chasm and tornado phases, as we call them. So, if there is a company who tells him, “I am going to support you on all your pain points,” and help you grow and you do what you are good at, and run your enterprise with full vigour and passion, then there is a WIN-WIN for both of us. I knew what those pain points mostly are. Sure, you need a strong brand value and credibility, for him to come forward, but that was not our issue.

The entire thought process of building this model came by thinking about the Co-Creator and his pain points. After that, our USPs to the pain points were added. This was done with all honesty of purpose as I was convinced that was the only way to proliferate the passion and grow. We needed to then get into documentation and build the model for execution. Then we released an advert in Times of India and explained the Co-Creation model and invited the entrepreneurs to participate in our Skills for India initiative.

Till the time I write this blog, we have received over 350 responses, mostly from these entrepreneurs, in about 12/13 domain areas, and over 15 locations. We have met, over 30 of them till now and I am happy to comment, that it seems to be working. I am looking forward to the day, when Globsyn’s Skills for India campaign will be a part of millions of entrepreneurs’ life.


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