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One major issue confronts me these days and I want to leave that thought in the mind of my readers. How many of us plan our retirement or non-business years in advance? Maybe, many do, but I most certainly didn’t. Not only that, my life was moving at such a brisk pace with a lot of everything, that it seemed I shall never retire. But then something had to happen, which was not planned. AN ACCIDENT !!! I fell down, as I was checking out of my hotel in New Jersey to come back to India on 31st.October 2018 and I fell badly. Once I  did, I realised that this is going to be something big. So, it was. There were two fractures in my femur bone. That also was a Halloween Day. 72 hours and a surgery later, I was in a Rehab Center in New Jersey, USA.

It took me a total of 3 months to walk and another 3 months to get back to normal life. These 6 months, I decided what I have been wanting to do for sometime, but my work adrenaline was not permitting me to. I transitioned my business to my sons, from my rehab bed. I already had done a lot of work on the subject, but I called my sons and briefed them what I wished to do. It took me another 3 months, from home, to effect the change upto PnL level. My twin sons are smart. They had the requisite education both in India and abroad, and in Technology and Management, and about 7/8 years of hands-on work experience with me in my startup days when Globsyn was born. Today, they look after the businesses in entirety.

Now come to the tricky part.I launched my 2nd book I DID IT MY WAY and almost announced that this book is my Memoire. Ever since then I have created brands like CALCUTTA BROADWAY, KALYANI FOUNDATION, in philanthropy and BDG ANGELS and BDG GLOBAL in startup  and mid-tier investments respectively. I gradually realised that as we grew, though we didn’t have much, but we still had some land property to take care of, as well as our living homes. All these call for work. Finally in 2020, my son Romit came over to Middle East and setup his Tech business there. He was also concerned about his daughter’s future. He kept asking me to come to Dubai on a holiday and I did. So, that location got added in our “looking after” journey.

Today, there is enough on my plate yet again. But mostly unstructured. Some years have gone by. Approach to anything is now much more strategic than activity oriented. My sons are doing well. There has been growth in our restructured India model and now I can say, I have a life which is different but seamless. Though, it took a lot of doing. I therefore urge all of you, please plan yourself adequately for the twilight years of your life. I can only say this much that it is DIFFERENT.

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