Here is another CHANG in my life!

December 13, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Recently I met an 88-year-old fit Emirati gentleman, who is a civil engineer by qualification, and had worked with Sheikh Rashid when UAE/Dubai was getting structured and built. He has been instrumental in setting up oil stations, through Caltex all over UAE. HE IS A PIONEER. Hugely entrepreneurial and there is so much to learn from him. When he handed over his reins to the next generation and thought of relaxing and retiring after a hugely eventful life, he encountered another Project, where a lot of things were happening that seemed incorrect.

More importantly, it made a lot of well–to-do common citizens and professionals to suffer from a facility, which was for them to use. The place was hugely in debt, people governing were not managing well(an under-statement) and it was progressing only one way…..DOWN!!

There was no way, it would have survived, thus affecting large number of families using the facility. He talked to the various statutory bodies, injected decent amount of capital, picked up various loose ends and got them back to life, then added a few stimulating areas for members and the place became lively, to say the least. He struck a positive deal with the Government and managed to bring back normalcy to the real estate and to the environment. Today, the place is buzzing with life and activity.

Learnt all these from one stimulating session with this 88-year-old.He was someone who kept me quiet for 90 minutes (a rare achievement)and made me sit in awe of the amazing journey he has had. One wondered, how he would have been when he was young. He looked completely at peace with himself and when I left, he told me to keep in touch. I did not take him too seriously, as I thought this must be one of his many meetings of the day. So, I came back happily. As requested by him, I sent him my profile as he desired. But to my surprise, I got a response on my WhatsApp, saying how much he enjoyed listening to me and being with me. He also referred to my Profile in a very positive way. We exchanged a few WA messages. I already now have a pending invitation from him to meet him.

This meeting created quite a strong impact on me and helped me to understand the deep-rooted hunger, desire and love for their own country from an Emerati. I pray that God gives him long life and he continues to serve the people of his motherland. As I write this blog, I am still cherishing my session with him. Thank You Sir!!!

He is definitely another “Chang” in my life. Richard Bach’s famous novel has made us learn no matter what you do or achieve in your life, there is always something or someone who would have achieved much more than you and you feel humbled at regular frequency and say, ‘There is miles to go, for me!’ That’s what I feel about this amazing gentleman!

**Chang is an old, wise Seagull, with a lot of wisdom in Richard Bach’s famous book, Jonathan Livingston Seagull.



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