Aim for the sky, but move slowly, enjoying every step along the way. It is all those little steps that make the journey.

Global IT leader and well-known entrepreneur Bikram Dasgupta touches lives through socially and culturally relevant sustainable platforms in his bid to ‘Give Back to Society.’ BDG’s phenomenal journey from IIT to working with top IT giants to turning into a global entrepreneur building a business empire, was not by sheer luck. Rather, he kept moving, like the floating clouds, discovering new horizons. His journey is inspirational for the youths of today and he enjoys every bit of it, as he embarks on a new trajectory of his philanthropic mission. He chose a new chapter, for Life is Transient and BDG teaches all ‘How to Be the Change’ yourself.

I Aspire

  • Clouds come floating into my life, no longer to carry rain or usher storm, but to add color to my sunset sky.

    Live by your Aspirations

    Bikram Dasgupta has never believed in doing cliched things.
    Rather he has always aspired to make things better, to touch upon lives and give back to the society at large. He keeps on his fire alive, keeps his hunger going to create a stronger model of self-discovery. He has always aimed beyond the horizon and aspired to give guidance, charity and life’s lessons to hundreds of those whose lives he has touched upon. Always aspire like he did to do something that none has ever done before!

  • All that we see or seem,
    is but a dream within a dream

    Dream but do not Fantasize

    It’s good to have dreams, for they lay the foundation to aspiration. But BDG warns, ‘Never Fantasize.’ Take risk but do not run after a fantasy that cannot be turned into a sustainable aspiration. Bikram Dasgupta had dreams to do something unique and he did it. Be it the first Intelligent Building of India ‘Infinity,’ to his company conglomerate ‘Globsyn,’ BDG has fulfilled his dreams and now on a complete departure from the professional world, he gives back to the society. Dream like him, never fantasize.

BDG Blogs

Learning from His Experience

  • Calling all young entrepreneurs!


    I was reading the Sunday morning Economic Times and came across an article on the IT Industry. The very industry where I have spent over 30+ years, and I thought to myself, though the word ‘Lock …

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  • Use Time To Generate Clarity Within Yourself

    Think! Answer! Has Lockdown taught you to self-assess?

    There are many of us who have worked, built families, are involved in various social/cultural activities for well over 30+ years. In the age group of 55+ years…

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  • Create a healthy Mind-Body balance…

    My learning continues. I was thinking the other day, why the retirement age was fixed at 58 years,and later to 60 years?

    Because,I felt,you can still be agile and active to work at that age.Then I started looking…

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BDG Gives Back to Society

Two roads diverged in a wood, and I— I took the one less travelled by,
And that has made all the difference

After a successful professional journey, BDG changes trajectory and treads the Road Not Taken. He wants to give back to the society through sustainable unique models like Calcutta Broadway, Kalyani Foundation and BDG Angels.
  • Kalyani Foundation – Touching Human Lives

    Kalyani – a Bikram Dasgupta initiative is a not for profit foundation with a charter of giving back to the most-needy sections of society and has been designed to create a more equitable social fabric around us. The foundation has been named after BDG’s mother Kalyani – one who has been the biggest source of inspiration in his life. He has picked up areas very close to his heart in an endeavour to fulfil the needs of people whose lives are less fortunate than ours.

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  • h3 class=”fnt-clr-red”>Calcutta Broadway – Philanthropy in the realm of Performing Arts

    Calcutta Broadway is a unique platform where Bikram Dasgupta brings in a Unique form of Philanthropy in the realm of Music, Theatre and Performing arts. A realm where cultural heritage of Bengal blends with contemporary fusion music, theatre and art along with BDG’s wish to bring to a larger audience the budding artistes who otherwise do not get a platformas well as look after them and their families’ medical needs through the unique concept of BROADWAY HEALTH CARD.

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  • BDG Angels – Investment Philosophy

    Bikram Dasgupta believes that technology plays and will continue to play a disruptive role in how we interact with the world, produce products or services, transact and drive efficiencies. Hence, he invests both actively and passively during various phases of a startup’s life cycles, those that are innovative, technology driven, product or service and are looking for investors. He also gives back to the society through charity including his popular ‘Feed The Poor’ scheme that helped feed thousands of migrant labourers in Southern states of India during COVID-19 Lockdown.

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Broadway Health Card
Unique tale of BDG Philanthropy

Broadway Health Card
Health Insurance Card for needy performing artistes

Bikram Dasgupta knows where it pinches to be alive for budding artistes who are not paid high and regular salaries. To provide them health insurance benefits, BDG Foundation has brought a comprehensive Broadway Health Card, that has benefitted 156 beneficiaries consisting of family members of artistes. The Foundation will help many more in the days to come. This card is the 1st Third Party Health Insurance Card of India for young performing artistes and covers 6 family members, including parents, spouses and kids.

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Supporting Folk Artistes
Taking care of 144 needy Baul families of Santiniketan

BDG Foundation has extended support to 144 Baul families of Santiniketan. These folk artistes have been living in penury, due to the COVID-19 pandemic, lockdown and lack of livelihood. This comes as an extension of BDG’s support for the marginalized informal sector, who are facing an unprecedented economic crisis, due to the changed times.

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My Story

I Did It My Way…. BDG Speaks

Bikram Dasgupta has always done it his way. Instead of following others, he created stories through his real-life that can inspire a whole new generation to follow him. These are also tales that he himself experienced first-hand that had a deep impact on laying his foundation as an entrepreneur. He is now here to share those life’s lessons, his real-life stories that could help you frame your own unique stories.

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BDG – the IT Leader

Bikram Dasgupta had sown the seeds of IT revolution in India

Long before anyone had even dreamt of it. With the creation of the concept of Intelligent Buildings, he had defined way back in 1996, that ‘Offshore’ Software development was the future. He set up the first fully automated SMT or Surface Mount Technology plant of India at Okhla, that produced 10,000 motherboards for Dell. The $50m 100% export order for Computer Mother boards for DELL Computers, was the first of its kind in India. He had conceived, developed, delivered single handedly the entire set up of the Dell Factory. For BDG always had been a man of vision and could think of emerging and future trends of the IT Industry much in advance.

About Globsyn

Founder – Bikram Dasgupta

Bikram Dasgupta started Globsyn with a vision to make a difference for the youth in the IT Industry and show them the way forward. By then he had been the co-Founder of PCL, that went on to become one of the largest PC companies of India, competing with HCL and WIPRO. BDG took PCL to the public investors and it was over subscribed 48 times! It had 44 Offices, 1600+ employees in 1984 and a Factory in Noida. Armed with this experience of running PCL, BDG started thinking of setting up a Company with a difference. Thus, Globsyn was born on principles of building Institution and Infrastructure (I&I model). Globsyn Finishing School, Globsyn Business School Infinity and Globsyn Crystals ensured youngsters from colleges would get into GFS or GBS, for their training and work in a Company housedat Infinity. BDG’s baby Globsyn is today a successful international giant.

Author BDG

Putting thoughts to words

  • I Did It My Way

    The Story Of A Middle Class Boy Whose Impatience Led To His Success

    Rupa Publications India, 2018

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  • Minds on Fire

    An Infotech Entrepreneur’s Vision

    Global Synergies Limited, 1999

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  • The Game Changers

    20 extra ordinary success stories of entrepreneurs from IIT Kharagpur

    Random House India, 2012

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  • Bait

    The Beer drinkers Association of Information Technology

    BAIT, 2017

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Learn ‘N’ Intern

Bikram Dasgupta has been a learning machine — mentor to thousands of youngsters who have waited to hear him out.
He loves teaching, going back to classrooms, sharing his knowledge with the new kids on the block. For that’s how technology moves ahead, into a new world.
Here are some of his inspiring lecture sessions.

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