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March 26, 2023 Published by Leave your thoughts

Most of my ADULT life,I realised,that I have seldom thought about my self development,growth, in the real sense.Whenever those thoughts came into my mind,I actually started thinking of my Family,my sons,etc,as my  method of self growth and self discipline.This was perhaps the most damaging thing I did to my own self growth.So, after 30+ years,what I see as a storehouse within me,are thoughts of development of my Family,most particularly of my sons,but that did not add much value to my own self.I therefore remained where I was. I seldom though to “self -learning”,though I was talking about it all the time.It did not add to my repertorie of knowledge. So, the receipents of my talks where getting only 10%-20% of my own self,and the rest where age old content,not even packaged well.

So, what it is ,that is my own subject ? Behavioural Science? Social Sciences? Development of human behaviour ?,this ,when linked to higher education,does give me some space to manouvre,and then landscape it into a complete subject to work on.

You need to do a lot of work to research,develop,and find out the essence of each of these Areas of work.Only then,the tributories of fresh thoughts and ideas,will emerge and learn to take shape into some new format.This is just the beginining.

The concept of my subject is rooted in the adult education scenario.It is here that the young minds of 20+ years to 23+years will converge together,in a format hetherto not known to them and mingle with one anothere.This minglingling  creates the genesis of my subject of transformation.

keep thinking !!!


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