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On 30th December 2001,we drove from Dubai to a place called Fujairah, some 170kms away from Dubai. It is a 2 hour drive. This was pre-planned and we had booked ourselves in Le Meridien Resorts in Fujairah for the New Year. Lovely roads, some tunnels, as we crossed the stony mountains on two sides, a bit scary, total rocks, tunnels were decent size, the last one being the longest, until we reached our designated location Le Meridien Resorts. An imposing building welcomed us and we strolled down into the reception. As is my habit for many years, I keep telling my office, what I expect my room/suite to be, the size of the terrace, overlooking any water body, if possible hills, plenty of space in the seating room lounge, to do what I am doing right now etc.

I must give a disclaimer here. I have travelled the length and breadth of this beautiful world and God has been kind to me, as I could choose the accommodation I preferred in the last 20 years of my work life. But Suite 901 at the resorts just impressed me. Not because, it was techy stuff or glamour, it simply gave me the space and the kind of space I wanted for a holiday. I realized later this was the best suite in the hotel. It was luxury written all over. The best part of the suite was its terraces, two of them. The big one was all encompassing, three sides open and leaning on the ocean on  one side and the imposing, stark, staring rocky hills and mountain ranges on the other. And it was OPEN, with dining area, lounge to chill. But the architect knew the weather conditions here, in winter, the tourist time and when it rains. So, attached to the bedroom, a second open air verandah has been designed with a cover on top, so that rain will not interfere if you are resting with a morning coffee.

The hotel is huge, on the beach, but the imposing rocky mountain ranges add to the grandeur of the surrounding. This combination of mountains and ocean on both sides is simply fascinating. We will be leaving today, back to Dubai, but will carry back very clear memories of this place, though frankly speaking we did not participate in any of the New Year events, as at our age and time, we were overpowered by the environment, which to us was far more exciting, to say the least. I don’t want to say anything more on this blog, except this beautiful environment, which gave me peace, tranquility, solace and all the stuff I was looking for currently.

Thank you, Fujairah !!


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