Impermanency of “I”

July 5, 2016 Published by 2 Comments

As I dug deep into this journey of mine in Bhutan, so many things started emerging within me. But most importantly, seeing the clouds on the mountains everyday, gave me an innate clarity of where I am today, and an open door for the future. The open door is good enough, as I dig deeper into my present and deal with it, which I believe, I can now.

The central theme of today, for me, with me,as me, is this concept of “I”.I have been thinking about it,for a while,but not really been able to convert whatever thoughts I had to deal with it, with much success, maybe, no success.

So, I took this opportunity this time to go further on this subject of “I”.

Years back Kabiguru Rabindranath had written “Shei je amaar kachhe aami,chhilo shobar cheye daami….”and then went onto give that away to the Almighty. So, when I sat with,Rinpoche Mynak Tulku, yesterday, for a session in Buddhism, which lasted for over 3 hours, I asked him this central question, and kept queering. The question was “How do I handle this strong “I” factor within me, which has got manifested over 30 years of my self development, risk taking, insecurities, pride because of relative success in life, into me so much, that it may now hamper, not only my growth, but also the transition,which I wish to make”. We started deliberating, and I came out of it happy, with several thoughts. One of the things which emerged, was this concept of family name. A person without a family name is by definition one of many with the same name, but when you add your family name in it, it becomes specific and “I” COMES IN.

“I” is only a notion, a name, someone pronounced after birth,it is nothing else. There is a Impermanence about our lives.We must accept Impermanency. The example of being able to see a crocodile with an open face in front of you all the time, helps to accept Impermanency. If you accept it,then, what is “I”? where is “I”?

The MANIFESTATION OF “I” leads you to ;
-Ignorance/Being Ignorant
-Anger( which is self destruction)
-Pride(about “I”)

So, controlling your mind,with the thought of Impermanence,will help shape your mind,into not committing Sins,cultivating your virtues,and follow certain principles of Buddhism, said Rinpoche.

I realised thru this deliberation that mind control is central to the process.Mind control can come thru Meditation,thru the above thoughts in it. So, if you become an individual in this planet, with this strong feeling of Impermanency, and commiting yourself to the process of Mind control, and following a few of the things you wish to do in life, thru, Wisdom and Compassion, we will atleast be able to begin the journey thru Meditation.

Wisdom & Compassion is central to the Buddhist philosophy, it goes into several areas.We should not get into those now. So, stick to the above thought for now,and see whether it helps.

If it does, we go deeper into 3 stages of Wisdom and 3 stages of Compassion, at a later stage once,we have got rid of the dominance of “I” in the system, if it is there.

Going back home today, with a lot of these thoughts. Yoga helps you to keep circulating your blood,and keep your energies flowing.
See you soon.


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