Is Dubai your base location?

July 21, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

For the last 11 months, we have been living in Dubai. We came here to spend leisure time on my son Romit’s request and have been postponing going back to Kolkata, for one reason or the other with Covid 19 being the major concern. Disruptive flights are a major concern too, first for going, then for returning. In the process, we started looking at Dubai more closely and some interesting observations emerged. Number one reason for being in Dubai, is that it is perhaps the least obtrusive country in the world. Each to his/her own. No one even asks you, how have you been, unless he is keen to know you, or establish a connect with you, which is very rare. So, you are left to yourself again. Its only You and Dubai here. That is the only connect.
So, you and Dubai are on a world of your own. If you have some friends or develop some friendships, it remains that way. It is left to you and that friend, to work on it to grow or otherwise. No one, and I repeat, no one including yours or your new friend’s family and close environment is interested in your activities, relationships or connections with your new friend. And, if you don’t want that, you are back to square one of a life of your own, with the infrastructure offering everything what you could possibly expect a civil society can offer, with all the finish and glamour of an ultra-modern world. This is why probably Dubai is the most sought-after location today.
After landing in Dubai in September’20, whenever I used to meet people socially, they normally would say, we came to Dubai for 2 weeks, but somehow, stayed back for 15 years. Many have told me similar stories.

Whenever you think of going back to the place, you came from, you start thinking of the pros and cons of that place and Dubai, and you find them, except for your old friends and families. Dubai beats your erstwhile hometown hollow. This starts a new internal debate within you and that’s for you to address. There are issues depending on the stage of life you are in and your commitments therein. So, the process of such decisions gets a bit compounded, but it never takes you away from the core point of your base station, especially post pandemic.
I am today in that state of mind. I do need to take a call soon on my base location and I will take that decision soon. There are so many things to consider and I have more or less addressed most of it. But still, a few more I need to consider. Will keep you informed.

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