Is Governance all about winning elections & control?

June 23, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

I am a Senior Citizen. Having said that, I have been following the political and governance activities very closely over the last few months. It beats me to see that the entire administrative and political machinery has been converted into a single vote getting mechanism, both ways of the elections. No longer ideology, thought, life lessons turn into election instruments before the elections anymore. Rather, it is election governance mechanism all through that works and is made to work. That is pathetic. The governance has gone for a toss. Even after a huge debacle during second Covid wave recently, when thousands of people lost their lives, because of lack of oxygen and Covid appropriate Governance, we have not learnt the lesson yet.
It’s still the same. Whenever there is an Election Commission, ED, CBI or any such issues, the control mechanism is hugely skewed by the power that be, to their favour, or at least it is directed that way. There has been issues of governance, manipulation and bias, depending on who is stronger where. Even a simple thing like vaccination is politicized as the party in power vs the opposition ruled states. It’s ironic but true, that all natural or normal governance issues are politicized much to the annoyance of the common man. Then before elections, political orators will come and enact theatrical performances to sway the public mood, mostly in locations where education is poor and weak (which are many) to their advantage and win the polls. If you win more seats, your ability to manipulate multiplies manifold. So, the entire nation has to move around that. There is no question on economy dwindling, jobs not being there, economy shrinking, businesses showing massive erosions etc.
None of these issues are talked about, discussed or evaluated. It’s only about winning elections. Even when the electorate shows its might over money, power and machinery, like we saw recently in one of the states, the same machinery, even after the huge electoral rebuke, tries to disturb the environment and create new disturbances through various means. This is a sorry state of affairs our country is going through. What will you do with all the power in your hands? Work for the people of this great nation? Build more robust infrastructure? Reduce the gap between the rich and the poor? Increase opportunities for employment? If you do all of this with all the power you command and make people happy, then it’s a great job, but our experiences show that it is not the case. Winning elections leads to more Power. Power leads to more control of the administrative machinery and then making more money. Is this what we have lived for?
I am disappointed. In our early days when we turned entrepreneurs, we thought we will change the way the world works. Bring in more prosperity, happiness and peace among the citizens of this country. I don’t know whether we have made much difference, as the political system seems to be in control of everything today. Let’s hope after a dark night, a bright morning will dawn. The Sun shines above and the country awakens. Let there be an end to all this gloom. We keep waiting for that. And in our way contributing, atleast raising issues as above. We must. It’s our country after all.
May God bless all of us and mankind as a whole. May there be an awakening.

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