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If I did anything in a planned manner and with a motive in business, it was to set up broadly 2 lines of Business, which had its own tributaries and endless growth opportunities after me. But I was also clear when I must leave the place, and leave with a very strong foundation for growth, proper infrastructure, adequate operating money, thereby profits and a strong edifice and motivation to build. I was doing all this, because subconsciously somewhere, I was building these two businesses, for my twin sons Rahul and Romit, not knowing what directions they will follow in their own lives. I was hoping against hope, that they follow the path I have chosen for them, without telling them so. This blog is the story of what followed………….

Luckily for me, and unlucky for many, 2002, the year my sons passed out of their college in USA, was a very bad year for business, particularly in USA and not to speak of India. Rahul got lucky with his Business Administration background and constant egging from me, he landed up with a job in Deloitte in Fraud Accounting Management. But Romit, the Computer Science Engineer was struggling as there were no jobs in the market, with the Y2K collapse in the IT sector. But because of his smartness, he could get a few offers. It was at that point, I told him, ‘If you are going to join, these startups, then what is wrong with our own Globsyn?’ Though Globsyn was a fledgling organization with potency to fail anytime (which it did not) it was an ideal baptism with fire for Romit into the business world. Romit has never looked back ever since. Rahul on the contrary, was playing snooker, watching American soccer with his Deloitte colleagues at work and performing. So Rahul got into high end IT training and later into Business School, went on to grow it, as it stands today. Romit went through several ideations of Technology business, till he hit his jackpot with AI/ML Services from Amazon Inc. USA, which rose to 2500+ people in 4 years from a small team of 25.

The way he managed both finances and technology part of this new AI/ML business, was really admirable. It was amazing how he went about absorbing the huge growth of this business, which gave us foundations for our globalisation exercise with low key, process driven, quality orientation and with all the global compliances, managing it to grow profitably. He shifted himself to a global location as his customers wanted it that way. Romit is an outright engineer. He is highly process oriented, whereas Rahul, is a people’s person, a leader. These two natural abilities surprisingly were a vertical split of my own acumen, between being the Leader and developing a clean process-oriented organisation. Funny but so true.

When Rahul & Romit started running the business well, it was time for us to take the next major step, to ‘GLOBALISE.’ So, I started working on that, as my sons got busy making their operations grow. Philanthropy has been very close to our hearts always. We never let that go ever. It gives us peace of mind to touch human lives and we do that through Kalyani Foundation and Calcutta Broadway under Bikram Dasgupta Foundation. This has a strong mental presence within us as we travel along our growth journey.

So, today we are a very low-key Global Corporation with all our Production and Development centres in multiple Indian locations, with Kolkata, still being the dominant people’s place and our Education & Training Head Quarters. God willing, we shall make Globsyn, the first true Global Business Group from Kolkata with presence in new generation Technology & Education space.
Let’s keep our fingers crossed.



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