Kolkata Aachhe Kolkata tei………….

September 6, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Yes, so much happened in this period from August 11th – 3rd September, going to India, was only one activity. All went well during our travel. With half a dozen RT-PCR tests, all along the way, chances of going wrong was remote. Our team at Kolkata did a fantastic job to minimize our frustrations at the airport, though we knew it was a necessary evil.

Kolkata was the same. Covid or no Covid. Amphan or no Amphan. It was all very familiar. The crowd at Oberoi was very different. So, as someone put it very interestingly, the Pattaya holiday trip guys, were now in Oberoi Kolkata, on perhaps similar package! That did vitiate the environment, but we couldn’t do much. Park Street was clumsy, so were other streets and we did not find anything interesting moving around. From my point of view, I was searching if I could find something to say, ‘yeah this is it,’ but alas!! That was not to be. So, the discussions of when to go back to Dubai, did not find much traction. We did complete our routine visits in GBS Campus, Raichak, Dadamoni’s house, Amtala Land, get-together with family and friends, looking at best possible buying options of real estates in Kolkata etc. and then boarded the flight back to Dubai.

The net statement: ‘Kolkata aachhe, Kolkata tei’

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