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October 13, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

On September 2nd’2020 we finally made our family trip to Dubai,where our son,Romit(Sunny) lives. From then, it has been a completely different life for all of us.Life is almost normal here.You can socialise,go to Malls,attend Meetings,go to Office,all strictly following the norms that be. Mask,distancing,cleaning hands,etc. It is heartening to see ,everyone,and I repeat EVERYONE,following the norms.Some people say,because of the strict implementation.Whatever it is for everyone’s safety only it is being done,so everyone should follow this,anyway.

That done, life becomes so much easier for everyone after that.

I have been engaged in a lot of work ,after coming here.Both my sons are here,and we meet very often.We have regular strategy sessions,new investment opportunities,and the like.My granddaughter,Mishka, has started going to School here,and an almost normal life is back.

Everyone is finding there own way of settling down in their lives,based on situations in front of them,and what they can do,or not do.We all feel,if this has to be a part of our lives,lets work out our schedule around it. I am very happy to see,how people as a society is disciplined to follow the norms and they are also seeing the benefits of the same.

New business,no matter what, is an issue,as the market dynamics keep changing,and we are always trying to see what will work,on both the sides. Interesting !

I will write again soon,with a new story.

Cheers !!!

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