October 22, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

I am now slowly but surely getting settled at this age and time, in a new place. There was only one thing missing! Guess what? Yes, someone to share with regularly your thoughts, your vision, your ideas etc. I asked myself, ‘Do I really need anyone?’ I started with that thought. That time I had too many things in my mind. I was not settled. I had to build my own engagements, my own life, my ecosystem in a completely new place. So that was on my mind most of the time. But, over these months, I have been able to sort out many of those engagement models.
Issues including investments, monitoring, decision points etc. So, I do feel the need to share my thoughts now. I have been not very regular in this aspect. There was a time when I thought I did develop some kind of an exchange of ideas and thoughts forum. But suddenly I lost it. As it happens with me, maybe I went overboard, maybe I was not understood and I started travelling too fast but after a while, I suddenly found myself without the sharing instrument. So, then the energies dropped. Since I was not the one to give up, I got up and tried to explain to myself. I tried and tried and tried………but to no avail. So, it kind of cooled off. Disappointed? Sure, I was. But I hoped for a revival always.
Then out of nowhere came the revival. I was keeping my fingers crossed, so far so good. Now, all this had to get connected as the internal energy is too strong. THIS TIME, THE UNDERSTANDING WAS MUCH BETTER. I did get a forum to explain myself, well and there was clarity and acceptance on the other side. With this, I now think I am settled. Hopefully, this state will continue. I am pretty hopeful.
So, I am sending this message as well, this connect is the most precious connect for me. It is totally spiritual. Firmly settled now. I would now try and go back to my fundamentals and relate. All elements of life re-started and settled. Professional, Social and Personal. I can also connect them, whenever I want to.
Feeling good. Love is eternal.

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