Managing Your Twilight Years ………..

May 11, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

In every Entrepreneur’s life, the life partner, wife, girlfriend, spouse, whatever it is, has a very major role to play in his/her journey to excel and be successful. Having a home which is hassle free 24×7 adds at least 3-4 hours every day to your aspiring life, which is arduous to say the least. That is why, it is huge plus if it happens. But as you grow older when you have achieved most of the aspirations of your life, including your family ones, then you have lesser and lesser things to look forward to in general, inhibitions loosen up at home and the conjugal bliss at times are at conflicting ends of the spectrum and both are more expressive about each other than they were in the past 20+years or so. Hence daily life needs serious tweaking. That is the stage of life that normally we do not talk or share, because both are matured human beings and do not want these to be a matter of public scrutiny. Family members however are seldom away from it. They know, see and absorb and at times make little fun of it. This is very true to say the least.


So, how do you handle this new phenomena? You have already reconciled to the fact that you perhaps cannot be a Shiv Nadar or a Narayana Murthy and your better half has had her own share in her NGOs and Social Work etc. and now is either tired or out of it, and life has a few specified events left to be covered. How do you address this situation, day in and day out? There are several diversionary approaches one can take like playing cards, gardening, golf, kitty parties etc. but they are just to kill time. In any area which require thinking, liking, wanting, an individual view comes out which at this stage may not be conciliatory. That can lead to confrontation with the inhibitions down. All this happening from both sides. In our days the male partner was more heard if the wife was a home maker, or shall we say less heard because what society would think was important, now that idea is substantially reduced or gone.

If in our lives this period has not yet come and most of my readers will belong to this category and they are strong as well, please start thinking in advance, how will you deal with this kind of a situation if and when it comes. These need to be understood seriously. It will happen. Less or more. When we pick up this kind of area again, I will do some research and maybe update all of you that time.

Till then, keep thinking, what happens if……………..





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