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I came to Dubai to live with my son in November 2020.He warned me that at your age and time,you will find it difficult to get myself a friend here.He felt,Dubai is highly transaction based,and with no business,no friends, no investments,I will find it very difficult. I was not the type to find friends myself. I told myself,I would generally chill,and go for long drives,spend time in the beaches and get going. I did have a cousin brother here in Dubai,maybe he can give me some relief.

So,I along with my wife,Ranjana,started visiting Bappi’s home regularly. His wife Porna was a delight.But,Bappi was suffering from FIBROSIS. He did have a problem with breathing,and his lungs was under constant pressure and he did need some Oxygen support. It didnt look something major.But he was a great Company.Extremely witty,full of Fun and Jokes,and his wife a brilliant cook. So,our worries of Dubai ended with that.

Bappi worked for Reliance in Dubai,and beginning with buying CRUDE OIL for them,to managing Ambani’s Finances all Confidential stuff,fell in his lap.He was one of the   most respected,persons in the Corporate Reliance Group.

The days went by,and he entertained us,with his humor,but his lungs,and breathing needs of support increased.The number of 10 litre Cylinders he would need in a day,kept  on rising,and his wife,managed it all with a smile. We kept on visiting him,every week,had dinner at his home,and gave him company.Our frequency went up and  so did his need for Oxygen. Finally he came home. He wanted to see my house and told me he would like to watch the Firecrackers show, So,on the 31st December  2022, night, I threw a party in his honour,and he was so happy,to see the Firecrackers lighting up the Sky from the Terrace. Me and my Family were so happy to see ,we could give him that joy.

On 30th March 2023 HE LEFT ALL OF US FOR HEAVENLY ABODE and wont be with us anymore.

Love you BAPPI.



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