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A very funny thing happened to me today, when I sat down to write my contemporary blog of the day. I finished the key communication with a lot of intensity and energy, then, all of a sudden, BOOOOOM!!!! The content vanished and I could not retrieve it till now, then finally I decided to reconstruct it, all over again, as I believe the thought of this blog can create a long- term impact  on me and on my readers, as we look ahead.

Friends, in the eyes of many, I have been a relatively successful person. Success defined as name, fame, making money, quality of work, intellect, vision, developing the ecosystem around me etc. But in all these exercises, I have not discussed or decided my PURPOSE OF LIFE. Why am I doing what I am doing? Also, do I know it myself? If I do, how do I propose to live with that going forward? If the residual value of my life is economics and business only, then the path is very finite. I know for sure it is not so. It is much more. But have I articulated it in clear terms, as what it is? I don’t think so.

For far too long the essence of growth meant to me good work, good development, clear vision, caring and developing my people, giving them clear directions and being successful in business and creating share-holder value. But very soon I realised, this is only half the story. I have only fulfilled the professional and economic value of mine in society. But is that the only purpose of my life? The clear answer is NO. Private good has to be substantiated by Public good, only then the real value and PURPOSE gets enunciated.

I therefore set about my task for looking for my PURPOSE in life. What is the residual value of all what I have done or tried to do? Is it only economics? What do I leave behind?

From today, my focus is only on this. Direct benefit to people who need it, be it higher education, building homes or even as basic as providing food for needy families, as long as the beneficiary directly benefits, I will be there for them. I will not get into strict due diligence, but will provide them relief, if they come through the right process and ask from me, whenever, however, wherever.

I don’t want to deviate  from this core PURPOSE in life, and continue on this path with steady, resilient determination and focus. People who want to do similar stuff can join my Foundation’s support infrastructure as we march ahead. Among these, we will identify special needs and aspirations of people and try and support them, if they have got in touch with us. So, I urge readers to pass on this message to all concerned that if they want to be a beneficiary or any NGO working on similar cause wish to get in touch with us, please visit and write to us.

Let’s enjoy the Power of Giving.

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