My school days

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These days, I at times, during my morning walks, try to recall my school days. Try and recall, my friends those days. Try and remember them. But at times, it comes to me very vague. There has been so much of data on top, that it requires a little bit of cleaning to do.

I do remember a few things though. I remember how, a shy person like me, (yes, I was a pretty shy person, in those days), got into limelight in school in Class 9, with one specific incident which happened.

During the Annual day celebrations in school, we did a play called ANKUR. This was directed by our Bengali Teacher, Mr. Kar. I remember him as a good teacher. He used to come to school in his dhoti and shirt, wearing specs, slim, tall, and very pleasant person. He chose me to play the lead role in the play, which was of a spoiled kid, bad in his studies, stealing things etc., and how he gets transformed through good counseling of a good teacher. That was the story. I must have done really well, as after every scene, there were announcements of people in the audience promising a gold medal to me, being impressed by my acting. It did not register that time. But, theater was in my blood. I was always involved in school dramatics team, and always played the main role. I used to enjoy that.

I always liked people, who had done well, or, have been successful, in life, I always wanted to know more about them. I used to dream, and aspire what is it that I should do, to become like them. How did they do that? etc.Andrews School, in Selimpur, in Kolkata, was a coed school. So, while there were many girls in our school, and some of them very beautiful, I was always spending time, with my seniors in school. During tiffin time, during rest periods, or any such thing, I used to enjoy be with seniors, boys, and girls, and I was lucky to receive a lot of care and love from them. Some of them, stood out, and had a very strong impression in my life. But later when I have approached them, a few years later, they have all either vanished, or, not, particularly interested, as they have moved on with their lives. I do want them to know, that they did influence me, in those early days of mine. I was constantly seeking role models to emulate.

Class 10th. and 11th.,was in Durgapur. That was a little more matured stage. My dad used to work in CMERI, Durgapur, where he was the head of Admin, as a Joint Secretary, those days.

Encouraged by my dad, and also mum, we used to do lot theaters in the colony. All kind of functions, like Rabindra Jayanti, Nazrul Jayanti, Annual day, Puja days, always there were plays. The entire family was involved, in acting, directing, staging, organising, the whole function.

I learnt debating and recitation from my father. He was very good at it. He was also brilliant in caricatures. But, that did not come into me. He was a poet, writer, composer, and an exceptionally talented person. He always encouraged us in these activities. My elder brother, writes very good poetry. I think, if he would have pursued his talent, he could have been a very well known poet, such is his talent.

While doing well in studies was a given, it was never pushed. My mother used to say, it is like smoking. You should know studying is good for you, as smoking is bad for you. We are only here to make you aware of that, continuously, for a while. If you realise it, you will start studying, as you will stop smoking.

Getting into a good Institute was always key to success. Your opportunities open up. But this phase of my life, was full of extracurricular activities. It was great fun, as I look back fondly. It i also a remembrance, how important a role your parents play on your development. Totally selfless, committed, enduring, compassionate.Its a great feeling.


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