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In this ever-changing dynamic world, where there is no base and every stage of your life is a base of sorts, as all infrastructural and environmental needs tend to be virtual in everything we wish to do, we must stop and wonder. Will this give us what we wanted to do in life, or are we changing to this new times, without thinking whether we will like this adaptation of ours at all, or, whether, this new adaptation will take us very far away for our own selves and force us to lead a life, where we will, one day not recognize ourselves and may find less interest in leading that life, as when we had set out on our journey it was with a different promise, different expectation of ourselves, leave alone the society. So what does one do? We find everyone around us are equally clueless as us, everyone dazed, just sailing aimlessly with no focus nor any direction and all are living in a perpetual state of temporariness, as if something will happen tomorrow and we will be back to familiar territories again.
Good or Bad. Then smile and say, all this was a phase, a passing time, a transient phase of our lives which we will never forget, but will go away soon. Is that true??? Wow! How can the entire world live like this? IF EVERYONE OF THE 7 BILLION PEOPLE ON THIS PLANET LIVE IN THIS MANNER, for years to come, what will happen to this world, if this situation continues and goes on and on and on ….. and the Covid numbers keep coming down and again rising at intervals and we have variants with new names, with new intensity and vaccination in our great nation moves forward in the next few years and still not enough are vaccinated. I don’t know why our government gives figures like 1 crore vaccination a day, multiplied by 180 days means 180 crores vaccinated. A complete non-scientific, theoretical statement, which makes absolutely no sense even to an average intelligent person but raises huge hope in the minds of the mass, as it brings in certain amount of finiteness to the process.
It’s like the entire population of intelligent youth who join the tutoring process to join IIMs in India, BELIEVE that they will all join IIM, and their career will be guaranteed. Fully knowing IIMs have only 1% seats to the population who go through the tutoring process. So, a flourishing, successful Tutoring industry is born. If you bother to use common sense into all this, you further feel lost and helpless in this society. Where will all this end? When?

Leadership is very important. 99.5% of people are followers. TODAY IS THE TIME FOR LEADERS TO BE GENUINE, FOCUSED AND SHOW US THE WAY AHEAD. Otherwise, this world of ours will become alien to many of us. Humans will be mere creatures on this planet, without any direction. Let’s hope, better sense will prevail and there will be emergence of new dynamic Leadership, fearless yet brilliant, those who can use the power of artificial intelligence to the brim and create, develop communities of tomorrow, across the world.

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