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Many times in the past 7 years or so, I have been asked this question, time and again: “Why do you need to do more workwise, you have done enough, now you should relax and enjoy your life. Your sons are running your businesses well, so what is the worry?”
I have not been able to communicate (though I am otherwise a good communicator) that what they call as “work” is pleasure for me.

When as a creative, passionate person, you have all your life tried to bring to society your creations and benefitted the society, which in turn has given you immense happiness, making money from them, came at the very end of it. This is something I have failed to convince my well-wishers. Ironically, these well-wishers are my closest people. My family, direct relatives, who supposedly know me well, close friends etc. How little we know, isn’t it?

I was just reading a foreword by Sandip Ray about his father, in the book SHORT TAKES, that his father, the genius Late Satyajit Ray did most of his creations himself and he bought the big scrolls of paper, mounted them on the wall and started creating and expressing himself. World over, you give the thoughts and someone else creates it, but Ray created his thoughts mostly himself. All of us got to see what was in his mind as he expressed it through his brush and/or his writing. Passionate people like us, have this inner desire and hunger to talk to their clients directly, through their own work, done by them. When the work gets accepted and the clients express huge happiness and fulfilment of his requirements/need, expresses to many people who then, propagate to make it popular in society, so that more people can enjoy and participate in that journey — that’s when the creator has a sense of satisfaction, not before that.

This whole process is like generating huge amount of energy within the system. Energy is always regenerated, recreated and goes on and on. So, the passion to create, gives it a form of a stimulus to transcend in society, giving joy to millions. The creator is then satisfied. This is a self-generated form of expression, which through the urge of Passion of the Creator generates huge amount of energy, which then creates the end product, whatever that might be. The Creator keeps generating this Energy, which is re-cycled and passionately delivered to society through the creator’s vision.
There is definitely an end objective of the creator, which is to benefit the Society and people at large. His creations enhance knowledge, experience and understanding within the society, thus making the Society and its people richer internally. That’s how entrepreneurs fill in “gaps” in society and people benefit immensely. So, there is nothing called ‘being tired’ of doing this or that, or even saying that ‘you have done enough, now you can relax.’ The creator will say, ‘I am relaxing,’ make no mistake.

This is the world I have lived in the last 35+years. Isn’t this exciting? I continue to do so every day of my life. Luckily there is no retirement age for entrepreneurs and they can keep creating, whenever they see a gap in society, which they want to fill. Maybe, finally I have answered my close well-wishers, that I have not done enough, I am not tired and I am enjoying my life as long as I keep creating to bridge the gaps in society passionately through my creations.

So, Passion, Energy, Creativity, in a structured manner is what we Entrepreneurs are generating, day in and day out, for years and will continue to do so, as long as the Society lives, grows and gaps get created with growth. It is STRUCTURED PASSION, which creates the architecture of modern-day advancements in Society. Satyajit Ray was no exception, though he took it to a level, very difficult to emulate, leave alone sustain.


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