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I remember very clearly, I was then in Class IX in Andrews School, a co-ed school in South Kolkata, where our Bengali teacher Mr. Kar, decided to direct a Bengali play called ANKUR, for our School Annual Day. I was selected to play the lead role, that of a boy who is a spoiled guy, bad in studies, and how he transforms himself, with the guidance of a goo... Learn More

Mother’s day

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Whenever I get a chance to write or talk about my mother, I feel energetic. My mother as I have said many times, was an exceptional woman. She might have missed out on many small things to teach us, but we never missed out on the bigger ones. One of them was to respect everyone you interact with, irrespective of their age or relation, or whatever. When I... Learn More

Cleveland Clinic: a great Institution

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I would be failing, if I did not write about this beautiful place where I spent the last 55 days. We are planning to leave this place tomorrow, but Cleveland, has been my home for the last 2 months. It was my first visit to this place. I came here with a specific mission to really know, how I can address some of my health issues. But landed up doing much... Learn More

Entrepreneur Co-Creation model : SKILLS

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This blog is further to my earlier blog on skills. We ended that blog with the formation of Globsyn Skills. The team got formed and areas of work identified. But the key question was: How do we proliferate this? Do we create our own centers all over the states? How do we manage, so many different skills?

When I was going through this thought pr... Learn More

I Keep serving my clients: the Youth

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When I went to Harvard at this ripe age in 2007, there was something which was bothering me. It was the ability to govern a complex organization which is growing. There were so many gaps in me, which needed to be bridged. My wife also reminded me one day, “Who do you learn from every day? Everyone seems to be looking up at you to learn.” That’s whe... Learn More


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In Management jargons it was probably ‘disruptive’

Yes, there is a significant and major disconnect in Bengal polity. In our Management jargons, we perhaps would prefer calling it ‘disruptive’ or ‘discontinuity,’ where one doesn’t move in linear fashion, but has a significant discontinuity and reboot situation. That... Learn More