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I lost another great business friend of mine, the enterprising, ever affable, Pawan Churiwal, to COVID 19. I met Pawan, when I had decided to create my new project Globsyn Crystals. I had this 2.14acre land on which I had built my small Campus called the Technocampus in 1997.This Campus needed an uplift and I wanted to convert it into a multi-purpose revenue earning vehicle along with my Campus culture. So, the days of water pond, with colored fish in it, huge lawns, garden park were gone. A good looking glass structure looking like Crystals came up, to make another IT Park after Infinity, for Kolkata. It was at that time, when I was looking for a Real Estate partner. We came across Pradeep Sureka, a well-known second generation entrepreneur in Kolkata and signed up with him. He was to build the Project on our land, design specifications and my concept.

In these IT Parks I built, I never compromised on the “concept”, as that truly reflected what I wished to do. Infinity and Globsyn Crystals were both like that. Pradeep Sureka’s Project partner was Pawan Churiwal. An ever-smiling Marwari gentleman, who made me believe that anything is possible in life. We got along very well. From then a friendship started. When my son Romit took over operations, extended the relationship and it grew. Pawan never said “no” to anything. I was very picky in certain things and must confess was a little tough on some situations, but he used to dilute the environment with a big smile and say, ‘Aap boliye to sab ho jayega.’ He had this famous line for me in the toughest negotiation phase of our lives and say, “Bikram Sir, aap IIT ho sakte ho, magar hum bhi MIT hain.” (MIT meant Marwari Institute of Technology jocularly).

Today I attended his prayer meeting with over 100 well-wishers, his family, all looking crestfallen to have lost this ever smiling problem solver in their lives. Pawan Churiwal!!

RIP my friend.


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