Redefining my journey :2017

April 25, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

The last blog I wrote I wrote was on 16th.December’16,and today is 25th. April’20,some 40 months later…….(Phew!!!!), how time flies,so much happenned, and so much my blog readers missed directly to hear from me. Not fair. So,here I am today,first going by my past 40 months and the significant things which has happened in my life, some of them life changing and also life threatening !!! So, I will go thru the process more as an update and significance than anything else. Primarily,2017 was a perfect transition start year. Transition from 35+years of Professional pressure,working against the grind,but never backing out,following the truth always,and getting shocks after shocks. With all those behind me, and my sons ready to take over the Globsyn business, after over 10 years of internship with me leading from front, both Nationally and Globally, I also felt, if I can complete this process, in the next two years,completely,then it can be a transition well done.Right from my Harvard days,I took a lot of fancy in newgen Family Business,based out of knowledge&skills,and represented thru Technology, Skilling, Product development, Innovations, Research, for a STARTUP. So, when my sons showed interest in the Family business,partly by choice, and partly to help me, I must confess,I was happy.Unknowingly perhaps, we have built our business on Technology, Skilling,Education,so,it was easy for me to look at the twins, independently, which was the only way to go forward.So, in 2017, we are well on our way to make that happen and our customers and employees heaved a sigh of relief, when my sons joined the business of Technology(Romit) and Education&Skills(Rahul), as they saw continuity in Globsyn for another 30 years of direction. So,having done the basics, in the last 2 years, I was to fine tune, the Business School management team, our Corporate Finance Team, bridge the business cash flow gaps, thru getting into a 10,000 square feet of Co-Working with AWFIS, India’s number 1,co-working company, etc.I was also planning to finish my work on my Memoir, “I DID IT MY WAY”, which I had internally thought of to be my last signature presence in this 35 year career. Promotion work for the Memoir was in full swing, and I had thought of inviting all the IT Industry BIGWIGS for the launch in February 2018. I had also planned that my twin sons, Rahul and Romit, will introduce their Dad,to the audience, and left it totally to them, to design the presentation. So, all this was happening in 2017.

When I come back, I will start my next blog, with the launch of my memoir and take it further from there. I hope,this time,I will be with you till I reach my current status. Will be back soon.

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