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“Jeevan ke safar mein rahi,milte hain bichhar jaane ko…..
Our de jaat hai yaadein,tanhai mein tarpaane ko”
When we listened to this song for the first time,what attracted our attention ?
The romanticism of Dev Saab or the drive with his film’s girl friend,Nalini Jayant
or is it the wordings of the song ?
As I sit today in the terrace of my Dubai home,overlooking the endless horizon,thinking of my very close friend
Santosh, who succumbed yesterday to the Almighty’s call,and think of the wordings,it
throws a different perspective to life for me. I can only say RIP,my friend.From our
school days in listening to “Staniyo Sangbad”,where he was announced having come the Higher Secondary Board exam,onto IIT and then our workdays life together
there was only positivity in our lives.Even when we discussed our somewhat different views
on politics,in particular we did that with a lot of grace and respect for one another.
Santosh was full of dignity,grace,poise and stature.He was ofcourse our undisputed topper
in School,as also IIT,but most certainly and undoubtedly he cared,loved me.And the feeling was mutual.
Today, WHEN HE HAS LEFT FOR HEAVENLY BODE,I can still see him smiling,and telling me,as he always did
“Dada,Bengal needs you today,do something”
When he decided to do his PhD AT 60+, he showed me all the paperwork,and took my permission of sorts.
Such an endearing person he was.
Wherever he is,may God take care of his soul.Keep his family safe and happy.
Love you,Santosh.

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