Startup to Philanthropy

May 3, 2020 Published by Leave your thoughts

Today,I am fully engaged in Philanthropy.With COVID-19 on us,it further gave me an opportunity to “Feed the Poor”over 5 cities in India,100 families full meals for a month each.I had started Kalyani-a Bikram Dasgupta Foundation,in 2009,with an inherent urge for social work,as I was building startup Globsyn and my huge belief, Management principles tomorrow will largely be based on compassion,caring, giving,and touching human lives. Since we are running a BSchool, empathy,compassion,caring and doing for each other,stood high.So, we started working with Old Age Homes, Specially abled kids, underprivileged kids education,etc., and our main volunteers,were our BSchool students.More and more students joined the work. KALYANI was my mother’s name, this was also a way of paying my tribute to that lovely lady,who has taught compassion,ensured my self esteem is high,and taught me to work hard and smart in life.

After the launch of Calcutta Broadway,in September 2019,I wanted to enhance its portfolio,and thought of Children’s literature.My Dad, Sukamal Dasgupta, a very well known Children’s poet of his time, who became famous in the 1960s by translating English Nursery Rhymes into Bengali, called in BILITI CHHARA. So, I decided in October’19 to completely republish,reprint, re-do the book, with new drawings, new getup, and planned to launch it during Kolkata Book Fair in January’20. This was my way of offering my Dad’s contribution to the Society, so that people can witness his talent. Ironically enough, as you can see, my Parents, Ma and Baba, brought me into philanthropy,thru, KALYANI and BILITI CHHARA.

BILITICHHARA did extremely well in Kolkata Book Fair, we sold 500 copies and it did reposition my Dad appropriately. Is this completing a full circle in Entrepreneurship, from building a fledgling startup called Globsyn,in 1996, to committing myself to full fledged Philanthropy, as a Chairman of 2500 people strong Globsyn Group?

It has taken 24 years.

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