March 26, 2013 Published by Leave your thoughts

Does this normally happen? I really do not know. May 20th. I wrote my last blog. Something in me urged me to start opening up in a different way. But again, I stopped.

But suddenly, again …….

Here I am.

So, I want to make this, as a prelude to my present innings, that of writing blogs. I was in Guwahati, gone on a semi-official visit on Saturday September 27th and was sitting in the circuit house, just on the bank of river Brahmaputra, with a soft drizzle engulfing me, and also a cool breeze.

Then suddenly…………….

My inspiration to write this blog returned. I thought, yes, I must. I think I have enough to say. I get connected. All of us get these instincts, or connects, in life, which trigger our inner energy. It simply makes you a little more excited, more energized, a little more of everything……. .

Once that happens, you start coming out in a flow, of your own being. Are you still conscious of the social aspects? Maybe you are, but you are still connected to yourself. So many things are within us. Some come out, most don’t. May be writing blogs, if I continue to have the energy to keep writing, might bring out many of those things which are deep inside, who knows? Let’s see.

As I said, this was only a prelude, to my ‘Why!’

Watch out for my next.


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