The Race is the Reward

August 19, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

On the 6th November 2022,Globsyn will complete 25 years of its journey.WOW!!! How many times in these 25 years I have slept with my pillow on my face and said “This is it !” There is no way that I can take it further.Next day,has been another day,Some message,some telephone call,some idea hit my brain,or,my wife,Ranjana’s brain and we survived to live another day.Then there was also the glorius period.The Infinity launch,the Skills business,our Philanthropy,and finally the IBM deal to set up,South Asia’s first IBM Centre of Software Excellence.The black Mercedes(I did not have then,I was driving a Maruti 1000)  and  handing over a  cheque of $300,000,from IBM Global Services,Hongkong, as a soft loan to complete out Centre of Excellence.They also helped us with my concept of “SOFTWARE FINISHING SCHOOL”,and they felt it was a brilliant idea.The interiors with IBM S390,AS400s,and 400 nodes,along with the network was completely done by IBM and their engineers(at cost,ofcourse !),but the Centre was ready to go. The date fixed was November 6th 1997 at Technocampus,which was almost barren those days,with a smallish building housing the Training Centre,and the rest was Under Construction(almost perpetually), We got the land and the building(a closed, monitor factory) in a dillpitated state in June 1997.In just 5 months our Team transformed that place,Mainframes,nodes,network,landscape,even a small pool ,and a bridge,where I had visualised students sitting and discussing IT Projects.We put some golden fish in the water bed,as well.I remember those days,I used to visit the campus under construction,talk to the workers,gardners,etc.,and used to tell them,”what you are creating will be only one of its kind in South Asia,so just focus yourself,to bring out your best. And,they did.

Sheer romanticism.We went to launch our famous YSM or Young Software Manager Program,with the slogan                    “WORK 6 MONTHS,JUMP 3 YEARS 1 and the youngsters jumped in sheer glee,as they found a way out of dispondency…………………We got over 2500 responses for a 100 seat program,and 84 got selected,all of them Engineers. While on the Technology side,we got a $1million order to execute from IBM Global Services. With all these,Globsyn was well on its way.

THAT WAS 25 YEARS BACK. A lot of water has flown down the stream and we have walked many a mile. Skills Development was one such which gave us opportunity to  earn, grow and diversify. By then, my sons,Rahul and Romit had passed out of their USA and UK Universities,and joined my business and pay a positive role in the growth and development of Globsyn.When we started, they were in Wellington College,Crowthorne,UK and then onto Syracuse University for their Under Grad,and Durham and Imperial for their Grad School,which they finished in 2002.

I was lucky,that after staying for so many years in USA and UK,they did come back to India,to work with and help Dad,to make his business grow.They came on their own.

Today, it is their business.Rahul looks Education&Training,including the prestigious Globsyn Business School,we have built. GBS,as it is called,has become the fore runner in BSchools in India.We have added our true to style BEYOND EDUCATION model,which integrates value based life with curriculum.It is an unique model and has received the  BEST PRACTISES approval from AICTE.

Romit is focussed in Technology business,shifted his operations to Dubai,and added a Financial Products under his belt,to look at the global market and grow. He recently concluded a 5 years AMAZON contract on AI and ML with about 2500 to 3000 engineers,doing sophisticated DATA LABELLING work. Globsyn grew hugely in this period.

Globsyn India,as is always the case is our Delivery Centre,for all businesses,and part of the Corporate HQ.Balance Corporate operations is done from Dubai.

25 years,Its long entrepreneurial journey of modern times.We are still private.Not raised Public money. Worked with Debt and Accruals. This has been possible because apart from me,my two sons have hugely contributed,and helped retain the management to themselves,thereby wealth creation is possible.

I know someday,people will talk about this.Our Group.Our journey.Our Philanthropy.Father& Two sons.

Its been tough ! Highly challenging ! But immensely satisfying journey !

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