There is more to Life………………

September 27, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

When you start getting older, it becomes difficult for you to accept that your concentration, focus, attention to details, memory — all are reducing by the day. You still want to believe that you are the same person, as you were 20 years back and try and conduct yourself in the same way. God forbid, if you happen to make a blunder, like I did, then you face a highly embarrasing, humiliating experience in your life and open yourself to misunderstandings among very close people. MISUNDERSTANDING does hurt. Coming from near and dear ones, it hurts more. But you were the initiator of it in the first place. You expect in this changing world order, everyone will accept you and your mistakes the way you want them to. It doesn’t happen that way. Rather it leaves a scar within you, may be on either side.

There is also a generational understanding difference in society, as you travel some years between generations. Life has changed. So has the way you look at life, that too has changed. This further creates these gaps. So, what do you do? Stay away, maybe. Handling emotional relationships are the toughest call today. Definition of a family has changed. Tough situation. But you have no options, but to accept it and move on with life.

I am trying to do that. This was totally unexpected. It hurts. But you have to ask yourself, and move on with your life.

Keep telling yourself ……….THERE IS MORE TO LIFE.

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