There is More to Life……………

November 13, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Analysing one own self is an intriguing exercise. It never ceases to fascinate. You keep saying “if only…”
Also, when you try to do a 360-degree evaluation of your own self, you keep discovering yourself. All this while, external desires, likings, enjoyment took centre stage for life to govern us. However, for a good number of years now, atleast for me, it is the journey within and path of self-discovery, which I have found fascinating. The next phase has been bringing the internal and external exercises findings, closer to one another and try to draw a linkage between the two. In lay man’s term, that should give you a total idea of the person or persona. Right? But it still leaves you incomplete. Why? Maybe, your hunger, desire, aspirations are still seeking to discover more out of life and as you start focusing on your inner self, it kind of resists. Our famous line “There is more to life,” becomes a dominating story. But that line never tells you whether it is internal or external. There could be more to life internally as well, as there could be more to life externally.

Mind and Body combination starts playing a role in your balancing of self. The keenness of “body” to excel and perform reduces, as the hunger for the internal “mind” increases. Mind however is a notorious character. It keeps digressing you from the core and keeps on testing you. You digress only to come back to your senses. This battle of mind and body, where body essentially means the external manifestation and mind means the internal understanding and learning is continuously attacked by the physical aspect of the body. The body tires, becomes fatigued, lazy, only to retrieve itself, but the mind keeps its activity going. It is very important at this stage to focus on something which uses both mind and body to the full. Like any creative pursuit, innovation, is yet another. Giving back to the society is immensely satisfying. Many of us, have gone into that, to find solace and peace within. The “joy of giving” manifests with a wonderful combination of mind and body and keep both energised. As you retire, you will find that your search for that inner journey of the mind has got enhanced because all through the day the mind was engaged in giving.

So, the overall aspect of Mind & Body needs to be nurtured as above, giving the incumbent a feeling of complete ness within your own self. You can keep saying, even then, “THERE IS MORE TO LIFE.”



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