Waiting for the Real New Year !!

January 1, 2021 Published by Leave your thoughts

Leave your thoughts

Here, is wishing all my readers, a very Happy New Year. Welcome 2021. I don’t want to talk too much about 2020, Covid, the pain, the miseries, the recoveries, huge efforts by Health workers, doctors, some noble hearted civilians, philanthropists, big or small. Instead, I want to move and think ahead. Yes, vaccines and their arrival is key to society today. Let us pray that every human being in the world can access the vaccines, with ease and happiness in 2021, so that Covid-19 soon becomes another cold and cough syndrome, for all of us. To me the day that happens, is the Real New Year.

Definitions in the Calendar of a New Year, does not mean much. It is only an indication of a Date and Time. VACCINES MUST REACH ALL. Leaving aside politics, our administration must consider it as a social duty bestowed onto them by people, who want them to govern and lead, to do exactly these kind of things. There are no heroics here. Just imagine, the day, when you have Covid fever, you go to the Doctor and he gives you the antidote to recover or maybe a course for 5 days etc. All you need is to build a strong immune system, so that you can address such issues going forward in your life. So, I still wait for the REAL NEW YEAR!

Covid has taught us so much. Resilience for one stands out. Discipline. Respect for the system. Lead a healthy life, on a normal day. Keeping your focus, not just on yourself, but also on your Family, People around you and help/guide them as you go along with your life. Definition of success even in our professional life has added a new factor in it, called ‘success with discipline.’

We will face many more challenges in 2021 and onwards, but perhaps the kind of learning which Covid-19 would leave behind, will stand out totally. Let’s hope that all of us collectively and individually can absorb and address that. Stay well. Stay Happy. Do stay with your learnings. Cheers!!


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