When you “give”, someone is “getting”……………….

June 11, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

In our journey of life, the first part which we call as “growth” is later translated into achieving, getting, doing etc. and finally transcends into “giving”. You don’t even know when it has happened. You feel the pull of  “giving” within you. This transition is almost synchronous. But don’t forget what we are calling as “getting” is also very powerful, also consuming a huge amount of energy and positivity at the time, when you are along that journey. So, it’s important. I have realised as I have walked through my life, every part of our life is full of learning, and highly valuable. What changes one from the other, is the “residual” value. Do you remember some of your old “getting” acts all your life? Did you convert your “getting” acts to “giving” acts? For example, my $50m Dell order for contract manufacturing of mother boards, gave me on one side a lot of fame, glory and recognition. My life changed for the good. On the other hand it created close to 80 jobs for the lesser privileged workers. It’s all about your mind set. Today, I work for back stage workers, like light man, makeup man, carpenter building stage craft for the theatre community. They earn for their deeds. I recognise them and “give”. Isn’t it wonderful?

So, as we travel our life’s journey, “get” and “give” overlaps. One set of people are “getting” and the other set of people are “giving.” Isn’t it? We have to be however careful that for the economy to thrive and grow, you must “give” to a community or a set of people who will directly benefit from that “giving” continuously. Education and Health are all significant areas of “giving.” So, life goes on, you are never without work. In this process of “giving” you learn so much. Take the case of Saranya. She wanted to study microbiology and her father barely could afford. We heard that she has stopped pursuing her studies for want of money. On investigation, we found, it was not the college fees which she couldn’t afford, as in government colleges, the fees was anyway subsidised, but her nearest college from home was 30 kms away, where microbiology was taught and bus fares to that college was very high. Today, with our support, Saranya is in the final year and I have seen her marksheet for last year. She has done reasonably well. I am sure she will motivate many to go for higher education based on her success. So, what she got and what we gave was synonymous.

So, the journey of life continues like this. Keep pushing yourself. Keep “giving.”

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