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June 7, 2022 Published by Leave your thoughts

I am still struggling to come to terms with my age, corporate work, social edifice, projects and relaxing life. I have not yet found a proper mix or balance. The major reason for this situation of mine is that I have not planned my “senior citizen life”. It is still part of everything. Whenever there is an issue on the corporate part of that life, I get upset, as it is not what it used to be. In my own eyes, I have walked away from my core business, core people and moved on. But the culture created by me, which is so different from the work life of current generation, keeps haunting me and also the people who worked with me, keep telling me. They are adjusting but not enjoying. Work life has become mechanical. We do things because we should, we did it all these years and we have to do. That spontaneous “energy” which we radiated is missing most certainly. There is no doubt about it. But I guess that is normal and had to happen. The question is how much is the change? Can we absorb it? If we can’t, we should walk away. There are various such adjustments we have to do to work out our new life.

So, if we don’t adjust, we can have food abuse problems, drinking issue, which is major. If you are still living in continuum, then there will be gaps and that will show in the health condition. Your body might not be able to adjust all the time, giving rise to health issues. Some of them long term, some of them serious. So, if you have not yet got into this phase of your life, say, 60-70 years, please plan it in the 50s. Please start “blessing” people around you and not fighting with them as you disagree, because their start point, work in progress and end point, all are different. Then how can the decisions be similar? They won’t be. This includes your family members and the next generation in the family.

Then you start looking at yourself and your partner and start working on what you could do, without becoming a vegetable. The core energy still intact, the exuberance, the spirit, the charm, all intact, but it comes out into the society differently. We all look up to seniors. From the time we are kids, we look up to our parents, then our teachers, then our seniors at work, create role models etc. But now whom do you look up to?

That’s an interesting journey you have to take logically. You will close your eyes and meditate. Look within yourself and stay there for a while. You will find your eternal Guru appearing. He has no axe to grind with you or anyone. He is completely a positive soul and he lives for you.

If you have been through this journey for a while, you don’t even have to search for him. For a while in life he could have been a living soul, in the form of a Guru or an influencer for you, but slowly, as you look up, you find him for life to live with. He will guide you all along.

No matter what your age is today, this is the path to travel. Start the process within you. Take care of yourself.

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